8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Portrait Photography Instantly

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Let’s talk about 8 different things you can incorporate into your portrait photography to improve your work! From angles to color play, styling, framing, composition, leading lines, adding movement, and even how to photograph hair. Thank you Squarespace for sponsoring this video! For 10% off your first purchase, go to

The images I share in the screen in the video are DIGITAL! In the video I am using my film camera and we were filming with my digital camera. Click here to view the full set of images:






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  1. Paulo Aguiar says

    You're so funny, cute and energetic, a pleasant way to learn good stuff! Thx for the video and tips, you have one more fan.

  2. Sobano S says

    Love your enthusiasm

  3. Willy Lütke says

    Taylor has gotten more compliments in this video than me in my whole life … lol

  4. Giada says

    omg you're in Twin Peaks 😭

  5. Lala Sloney says

    how did you do the vintage looking filter/overlay over the intro ? i loves it

  6. Hernan Restrepo says

    I really liked that hair tip, thanks for sharing that!

  7. Loop Nai says

    What was your aperture for the shots? Good tips btw.

  8. Martin Muriel says

    Number one: Get a beautiful model… mmmhh

  9. Stachu? says

    For me, you're prettier than your model

  10. longbord1 says

    You are so cute and bubbly! Great teacher and thanks for the tips! Keep it up!

  11. BigMacBraaap says

    This chick is wild.

    I love it.

  12. Josh Mogo says

    i think your film ripped @ 8:30

  13. luis waight says

    16:07 this isn’t Chicago? We don’t have mountains in Chicago…?

  14. esi says

    I LOVE your personality!! So fun and bubbly and you give the model so much confidence ✨

  15. Sumon Sarker says

    Your photographer is very beautiful

  16. Leslie Monk says

    I love this so much. I just had a question about your bag- are you using that specific bag for your camera gear? I've been on the hunt for a backpack style camera bag and haven't found anything that I love, but keep seeing those bags everywhere and wondered if it's a good choice for a gear bag. Keep making videos, girl! I love your vibe. 🙂

  17. Scar says

    Hey, maybe try wider angle lens to minimalise camera shake? Or at least warb stabilizer in post

  18. Samrat Mitra says

    You are so energetic

  19. recinese says

    This vid is engaging..and funny af lpl

  20. LuisRodriguez says

    I love the energy, but the shaky footage really made it hard to watch haha.

  21. Eligijus K. says

    Is pictures you are showing us edited?

  22. Andreas Triantafillou says

    I got pneumonia only watching this

  23. Screlon's Piano says

    The shot at 8:45 ……
    Holy bonkers that blew my mind!

  24. CLAUSM3 says

    You talk too much!

  25. SickC4nt Productions says

    She's really good at keeping her models engaged, mad respect.

  26. Muhamad Dakota says

    the footage looks very shaky.

  27. Roberto Licardie says

    She's such a clumsy cute mess. haha <3

  28. BRUNO LUXURY says

    You silly kids! shouldn't y"all be in school????

  29. Jordan Steffen says

    had my second ever engagement shoot today, second ever, found your channel and subscribed today, thanks!

  30. Krazykov says

    Just found the channel, good stuff!

  31. ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia says

    I like your jeans – what model is it?And brand?

  32. Seth Games says

    Ay you’re located in Washington? Vancouver WA native here.

  33. Mnoor.S says

    lovely photos and great model!

  34. spanish. ink says

    hi jess have you done any fashion editorial or editorial work ? Its a pain in the ass. You have to share the payment with the crew and besides you have to waith for pay check like 3 months.

  35. Kai S says

    Tip #1. shoot low angle and have your model lean forward.
    Ok got it!!!
    but, demonstration was completely something else LOL.. and then, the rest of the 7 tips are not there. Idk where they went ? did you take the time to rewatch the video and be like "oh dang I forgot to mention everything, lets shoot some more to cover it" ?

  36. Comicbookluvr says

    You are incredibly talented and fun! I gas people up the same way when I take their photos lol! The "who is sheee!?" killed me! Getting 1st/entry level dslr soon, this makes me wish I had it right now! ❤ from a new subbie that can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  37. Jim Barcelona says

    Love what you say about how you don't need to be in LA or NY to make beautiful photos. So true! Great photos, too!

  38. Florentino del rosario says

    Awesome video!!! Can’t wait to watch mas y mas! 😄📸

  39. Blorfnik says

    The shots are on point and your enthusiasm certainly mitigates any shortcomings in "production value". Very enjoyable to watch.

  40. Jessica Whitaker says

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  41. Amir aizatamir84 says

    i miss u !

  42. Shawn Nesaw says

    For this shoot, how much scouting did you do before hand or did you just walk around the town looking for spots on the fly? Thanks and great video!

  43. JameZ Tsu says

    The bg music is sooo damnnn emma chamberlain

  44. kayla peters says

    Where can I find the cinematic editing tutorial?

  45. kayla peters says

    You’re so talented

  46. siebenburguer says

    Editorial? YouTubers have overrated the "Editorial" word and its true essence.

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