How to Create Photo Album Templates From Scratch in Photoshop

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Whether it is a family session or a wedding shoot, learn how to create any photo book or wedding album template right from scratch in Photoshop. Using the fundamental concept of Clipping Masks, we will create beautiful and minimal templates, which once created, just require you to drag and drop your images and Boom! Done!

In this video, we are going to start off by understanding the dimensions that we need to dial in and the properties to keep in mind while creating the document. Then, we will learn a plethora of designing techniques to create beautiful elements and minimal but effective designs and placements. Finally, we will save the templates as PSD for later use. Then, once ready, the images can easily be dragged and dropped about the respective placeholders and using clipping masks, we will fit the images to the same.

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1. Sample Images:
2. First Template:
3. Second Template:

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  1. Jarek Oldak says

    Thank You! great vid 😀

  2. Vijay Kumar says

    very well tutorial

  3. Claude Denys says

    Is there a extensions to create and print a complete photo album

  4. MyYou says

    You look sooo good! And great tuts TYSM!

  5. Momore Afolayan says

    No doubt your are my no1 channel on youtube, you take your time to explain in details, you simply the best. God bless you man

  6. sulove khaitan says

    while drag and drop the image in the rectangle and re-sizing, the photo is getting pixelate. please help in that.

  7. Mohd. Ibrahim says

    You are awesome dear, So far I had noticed that your videos are intentionally to teach, not for the purpose to earn money. I appreciate your knowledge and hard work. THANKS….. DEAR

  8. Nilesh Bhati says

    you are really ossum yll brother, I just really Love you and your work,
    even I'am jelous of you a bit but I just love that jelousy also which is a bit necessory, I just love it to watch your whole vedios and gain knowledge from them and thankyou brother for such beautifull vedio guidances for us, just stay blessed and happy and stay tuned bruh, love you yll….

  9. heba arab says

    Love your videos 🌷🌷

  10. Xiann Dae Angeles says

    hey thanks for the clear and understandable tutorial.great work man

  11. PhotoZen says

    You are making it soooooo easy..but it is not, so much info packed in this video I have to watch multiple times to digest…thanks a lot…!!!

  12. Anastasia Liberman says

    Nice Tutorial and very detailed explained. Thanks you!

  13. PRAVEEN KUMAR says

    The best way of Teaching, Simple way Very useful. Thank yoy.

  14. Sord m says

    Explaining Clipping mask 24:00 is simple and precise… You are still my favourite

  15. Asaduzzaman Asad says

    alt+backspace command is not working

  16. Asaduzzaman Asad says

    i like your presentation…..

  17. tiffa yunifa says

    May I know what version of Photoshop is he using?

  18. billy cahyono says

    make tutorial water painting please

  19. RAAJ BAPU JADAR says

    Sir pls start the Photoshop learn series from Basil yo. Advance

  20. Debashish Chakraborty says

    Sir which are the for print Cmyk or Rgb

  21. RAJAB ALI says

    Great Mentor sir LOVE u

  22. Nikhil Deokant says

    thanks bro for make that thing easier to everyone

  23. Jodi Cook says

    💚Do you do any video on making logo’s….. I know I can learn this and do myself….. and not pay $50 to $100 for someone to do it for me! That way I know how to change colors when I want to…. I like very simple logo…. like just my name and photography…… but I want to learn how to do this and save it as a logo and use it to watermark my photos, but also have the freedom of mixing it up a bit like color or font….. you get it!!! I’m sure there are videos on YouTube on how to do it, but I mainly learn from you! You have so much lightroom and photoshop tutorials, and I find you are my “go to guy” for everything! I’m use to your way of teaching so I’d appreciate your perspective and especially now everything has just updated…… a lot of your videos are outdated with all the new releases in the past month…… ugh…. just when I was getting comfortable using something, as a newbie….. they go and change everything on me!
    Please keep new info coming for LR especially and PS! Thanks!!!

  24. eCamera Photowork says

    i really

  25. Miguel Hortiguela says

    What's the advantage to generating a Solid Colour Adjustment Layer, rather than simply drawing a rectangle and filling it?

  26. Kien Cuong Bui says

    0:03 is that vietnamese girl 🙂

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