1. Laura says

    Did a wee on the slide

  2. GMYT AwesomeCat says

    Full Lyrics:
    Peter Conjaw liked to party, Doreen Archer was quite arty
    Alan Drum killed his mum, Barry Fuller topped himself
    Hardeep Singh lived in Wembley, wet himself in assembly
    A boy called Pip had a hair lip and got a job on a ship

    Stephen Herb went up a mountain, I gave his sister my sherbet fountain
    Elizabeth Huff was quite rough, John Hawtrey got her up the duff
    Henry Boxtrem liked to grapple, hit me in the face with his toffee apple
    Jeffery Hide was quite snide, did a wee on the slide

    Sydney Patrick scored a hat trick, works in the Currys down at Gatwick
    Norman Cole is on the dole, sits outside Asda with a bowl
    Steven Kendal went out on a bender he got off with a girl called Brenda
    Come to think of it, I didn't like any of them much and I'm glad we never keep in touch!

  3. Adi Wadi /Digstreme says

    'Come to think of it I didn't like any of them much and I'm glad that we didn't keep in touch' secondary school in a nutshell.

  4. gaz riley says

    Alan Drum killed his mum!!!

  5. Volcano 6000 says


  6. Thanos thepro says

    Shut up!!!!!! Bitch

  7. Toby Martin says

    Norman Cole, is on the dole – sits outside ASDA with a bowl!

  8. Thrillseeker 98 says


  9. Bethany Hiatt says

    This is pure genius.

  10. Mezame9 says

    I've got the lyrics to this. Can I give them to you so you can put them in the description? It's ok if you're too busy.

  11. Quiet Breeze says


  12. HolzeyP92 says

    I wonder who is finger is covering he keeps it on that face the whole time

  13. chocolatemuffin221 says

    Ahaa:) found this hilarious!:)

  14. Jesck Astiair says

    @TVcristian It's got nothing to do with age it depends on you sense of humor

  15. hgjkllsssss21233 says

    @TBlenx1995 No he called the girl in front of him Sharon Taylor, and she is a girl 🙂

  16. Ross C-T says

    imagine going to school with harry!

  17. TVcristian says

    @TenshiChihuahua no… its not humour, its somethingn i would find funny at the age of 10…. he is singing children clown songs. anyone who finds this funny must be a vegetable. Harry enfield is comedy program for adults.

  18. Amelia G says

    hahahahahah ONE dislike XD

  19. jeessiccaax says

    Harry has no hair for the Toffee Apple to stick.

  20. Zehnny Anguem says

    lolz this made me llooll

  21. Laura Elizabeth says


  22. Jade A says

    XD lol he's still bold in the photo

  23. AwkwardGirl1ooo1 says

    Wow a comedian and. Rap artist 🙂

  24. Landofconfusion2008 says

    On every video no matter how awesomely funny it is there will all ways be a "Cunt" that dislikes it.

  25. 97channel says

    Hardeep Singh
    Lived in Wembley
    Wet himself
    In assembly

    LOL XD

  26. thegreatluigi says

    The one dislike is Ardy Sing

  27. fireless559 says

    @dimb9 oh sorry didnt know lol

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