1. Taylor Jackson says

    Are your couples still really interested in getting albums from you? Curious

  2. Janeyanna says

    Can you explain how you'd arrive at a price of several thousand dollars for a wedding album? To me it looks like you're spending ten minutes to arrange photos that the couple already paid for. Is it so expensive to print some photos into a book and ship it?

  3. Utkarsh Gupta says

    100$ a page?
    For how many copies sir?

  4. nbarnes24devon says

    Well, personally, my albums sell very well. Not only I make a nice profit on it, but I also have a system for them. They have 2 monthsto send me their list or I make the album myself. Simple. It works. My 12×12 40 pages cost me only $230 to be make with gilding. So, yes, on a $3500 packages, it is a nice profit.

  5. Michelle Cox Photography says

    My couples all want albums now. I like it though because I think photos should be printed. 🙂

  6. LilLion1818 says

    He's so funny hahahaha

  7. Karolina Lym says

    Love how realistic you are! Thanks

  8. Mary Ann Wamboldt says

    For a while, I offered albums to my clients as part of a package but I found that people took way too long to choose their photos. For some years have passed since their​ wedding. With so many outstanding albums, I decided to stop offering them. That and they are very, very expensive. Beautiful but expensive.

  9. Victor Ojo says

    Since you mentioned you aiming for 30 page book, like how many photos can you fit in the book?

  10. Leon Jimenez says

    My clients favorite the photos in zenfolio, then I auto design in Fundy. I think I spend 30 minutes tops and that includes touch ups. Accucolor for making the album.

  11. Jennifer Earle says

    How long do you keep the images from weddings? and how do you store them?

  12. Keelan Walker says

    Try smart albums

  13. Chrys Balbz Stills and Film says

    Kiss is way easier than manually designing an album template using photoshop.

  14. Lorenzo Tds says

    Usually i use Pixellu .. its a great software!

  15. Mr. O says

    You asked them to select 50 of their favorite photos. How many wedding photos do you usually provide to clients?

  16. SOL SHALEM says

    You don’t do albums at all?! Do you print all the photos and deliver that to the client or just digital files?

  17. Grant Watkins Photography says

    I use the KISS designer too, export full resolution then print with someone else. 😀

  18. Nuri Ucar says

    What this program name plaese thank you

  19. martin_e says

    What is the service you've used to print books called? Fineo? Looking for a service that does well with that.

  20. VilleVisions_Ace says

    How has your work flow changed since using the newer Nikon bodies?

  21. Christopher O'Grady says

    Most of my couples are willing to spend £700-1000 on an album, but I tend to spend hours over every detail of the layout with multiple revisions etc. With that much hassle I really need to charge more, and/or push big prints instead.

  22. SOL SHALEM says

    Nice video. One thing I noticed right away. D700 is an amazing camera. Great color

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