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Inspired by Yaroslav and Nastya’s #EmergencyLessons video, Tom Hiddleston shares his own school photo at age 4.

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  1. misaki sakagami says

    4year old tom is very cute also tom, don't worry we will not tell anyone only the people watching this video

  2. Justinhulk says

    school is none of those things to me.

  3. Sonic The Irish Neko Demon says

    aww he was so cute!

  4. Rita Q says

    Thank you for this emergency lesson, mr Hiddleston. I think its very important. Right now kids like Nastya and Yaroslav from the eastern Ukraine needs a support of all the society all over the world. You are really amazing person. Thanks.

  5. Sara Argese says


  6. zain qamar says

    love you tom

  7. Horsing_Around says

    He's single and ready to mingle <3 we love you Tom!! I was going through depression and he saved me, I watched his videos with kids and all his funny moments. He is my hero.

  8. Sareya2018 says


  9. 😍😍😍😍

  10. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton says

    ok but who disliked

  11. Marazabacca says

    When Tom Hiddleston makes it impossible to hate school. What do I blame for my missury now. Gosh Darn it!!!

  12. Uthra Sriram says

    I can't get enough of him ! 😍😍

  13. Gaming with Pat says

    That doesn’t look like him

  14. Rylie Bacon says

    With the impending gun law movements, we should all take into consideration that guns don't kill people. People kill people. The tragic boy who committed that unforgivable crime in a Florida school could have been avoided if we all stopped hating each other.

  15. Remus Lupin says

    Still beautiful

  16. PerPetua VloGs says

    Awww that's really cute and lovely Tom
    Really you're always cute and lovely

  17. AKWAN 2018 says

    Tom 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  18. Karol Brasil says


  19. Lori Renee says

    Little baby Hiddles!!!! So cute!!💜

  20. David Wang says

    Thanks! I hope people listen more to you guys and less of me.

  21. valkyre 04 says


  22. Saniya Sadaf says

    Your beautiful Voice and Accent is my everything Tom

  23. Lellis Sobczak says

    What kind of a person would thumbs down this video?

  24. mojojoay says

    i love u so much

  25. Karol Morales says

    I love you 😘😘😘

  26. Rebecca Cox says

    I love it

  27. Eirin says

    Tom, I don't know if you will see this but you were very cute as a child))) Your kindness can be seen from then on)))

  28. Aww he looked adorable at the age of 4 :3

  29. Susan Montague says

    This man can do anything except have babies. He's just easy to love. I'm disappointed that he has not agreed to being adopted by me, but he's not the first movie star to ignore my offer. I'm okay being his Grammie in spirit only. I have other spiritual sons, daughters, grandchildren. Hiddleston is very close to the ages of my son and daughter. I look forward to a family photo with Jamie Dornan, Hiddleston, et. al.

  30. User 22450 says

    im from eastern ukraine and i cant tell how much i appreciate mr hiddleston help on making the brightest future for our kids.

  31. Carlos Calderón says

    el. tío. tom. de. niño. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  32. Josephine Knight says


  33. Pink Love says

    is this his house ??

  34. 18 "I AM" says

    Please do help UNICEF via #EmergencyLessons👶 Pay heed to MR Hiddleston's amazing work in his splendid ambassadorship to this world humanitarian organization.
    Blessed Dearest MR Hiddleston I would like to thank YOU very much indeed for all the good you're augmenting into this world from the different angles of your humanity, raising help exponentially by wielding the fame of your celebrity as the spear to shake our fellow human beings to awake and elevate our consciousness at present times on behalf of the children suffering in the less privileged zones of our planet but also for future generations to be born upon it. Now is the time to act, now is the time to contribute from the best gift each human being has been bestowed with: a pulsing vibrant beating ❤️ º namaste 22 05 2016

  35. Zhu Li QB says

    yeah, hope :3

  36. He is really something, a formidable treasure in its own right, masterful, elegant, fashionable, classy well-spoken, well-read, good-mannered wow one of a kind: superb ambassador you've got there UNICEF Bingo !!

  37. Nurain Nabilah Nazri says

    0:45 Aww! He looked so cute on his age of four!

  38. Blessings without limit to the great great work you are realizing UNICEF to create a massive human social net to focus its attention: on the one hand, to raise consciousness about the children in desperate need in the so euphemistically called "emergent developing countries" and on the other hand, to raise most needed funds to help save and rescue these beloved Earth children surviving in the most horrid dreadful conditions. You indeed had the best of lucks in approaching and having MR THOMAS WILLIAM HIDDLESTON within your brilliant ranks of world ambassadors as no one like him nowadays to draw the millions to this good humanitarian cause I thank you May 16th, 2016

  39. Magamiam says

    I thank you so very much for having posted this: MR HIDDLESTON is in truth a most pertinent and gentle & gracious ambassador to UNICEF and no wonder he would be achieving a lot of bright & humane response to help children in crisis and conflict around the world, in awe kneeling to your wondrous endeavors, you're simply an amazing knight in disguise TOM
    Please help via #EmergencyLessons many many thanks 16 05 2016

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