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Many people believe that the work of professional models consists only of being pretty and staring at the camera. Much of their success depends on the skills at posing and presenting themselves in the right way. There are a few crucial mistakes you should avoid to look perfect in any photo.

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  1. J Dutta says

    There should be a video how to change your face to a model without heavy makeup/plastic surgery 😉

  2. Jesica Hilton says

    having a pretty face as the woman in the thumbnail…

    the video ends

  3. Marliza Heyrana says

    The fact is…really gud looking person in real life,, really gud looking in fotos…no arguments haha😃😄👍👌

  4. Tae Tea says

    I just look bad every time in everything i do

  5. iNataliexo says

    I don't look good in photos without my glasses..what should I do? Can you make a video about that?

  6. Dance Faculty says

    1:17 and 4:30 the right side pose😂😂😂

  7. Killa Play says

    Does this work for boys too

  8. Signe-Liis Busch says

    I think you don't saying to smile enough

  9. am k says

    just the model is too good

  10. priyamerog mandangi57 says


  11. Rea Macaya says

    wow amazing thanks for some tips i really appreciate it.

  12. Tracey Trotter says

    And always hide your camel toe.

  13. maribel tenedero says

    I am not a model face hehe

  14. Isa Travieso says

    She creepy

  15. Millicent Bystander says

    OF COURSE they used a model who would look great no matter WHAT she did or didn't do! What's the point of this?

  16. Zenaida Cariaga says

    Thanks for info😉

  17. Lesley Mendoza Hernandez says

    No sadly, I never look good in photos and even in person 😣 this is why I don’t like pictures

  18. Paige Nicole says

    Step 1) Be skinny. Step 2) Be pretty. Step 3) Look good in any clothes. Step 4) Have a good body. Step 5) Use professional lighting and cameras. All steps that I’m struggling with 🙃😂

  19. Khanza Shafira D. says

    thanku so much

  20. Saket Sharma says

    In the mirror, I believe I look great and amazing or at least not bad. But in the pictures, I look the ugliest person on Earth and because of which I just got rejected as a part of marriage proposal.

  21. Lea Obrien says

    Good tips

  22. Anjali v.v says

    why is she pinching her nose and talking??

  23. Anabel A says

    Lol ima add this tips in my wedding photos. #@soon2bmarry

  24. Beatric Maria says

    Thank you with lessons

  25. Praveen Shrivastav says

    Step 13:picsart

  26. Skadewdle says

    Step 1: have decent facial structure

  27. GachaDude says

    I have picture day tomorrow let's see if this works!

    Edit: it didn't work.

  28. Kavita saini Saini says

    I like it

  29. Rivers Bliss says

    1. Get a Photoshop expert.

  30. Random Guy says

    Steps 1-12: Don't give the camera direct attention.

  31. Lopamudra says

    Great tips, people who are actually good-looking, but do not look good in pictures should pay attention and learn from this.

  32. Kendra Menard says

    Who is this girl in the video?? She never smiled 😂

  33. Rachel Demissie says

    This is too much for me!!

  34. Britt Phipps says

    Camel toe

  35. Maham Khan says

    2nd one is my pose hiding my acne

  36. Show Lover says

    If u don’t wanna spend 7 min watching the full video… these r the 12 things
    12. Put your chin forward
    11. Don’t cross your arms
    10. Watch your posture
    9. Change the angle
    8. Turn your torso
    7. Pay attention to your arms
    6. Create visual lines
    5. Combine straight and curved lines
    4. Avoid baggy clothes
    3. Done show your elbows
    2. Imitate touching
    1. Emphasize your face
    That’s it! Hope this helped✌️

  37. Bree Gaell says

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  38. Paupers Budget says

    This is all good but the model should need to know any of this. . .It is the job of the photographer to know how to direct the model into these poses. Also the one facial expression fits all photos needs to go. Yes I am a photographer and also an artist who takes photos of women for my pinup artwork I do. I also direct my models to get the best out of them when we work together.

  39. Excellent suggestion

  40. A T H E N A says


  41. rafael jr W o r l d says

    Why am watching this:

    Note:Class picturing tommorow, dont f*ck up like last year.

  42. Joe Hendry says

    Just look at barney out of how I met your mother

  43. Erika Roll says

    i like this video very much

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