Beautiful fall family photo session

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Beautiful fall family photo session

The camera we use

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  1. Morgan Centeno says

    Guys let’s get them to 1 million subscribers they deserve it they do so much for us

  2. Alyssa Rollings says

    " Who are we at," OMG THAT CRACKED ME UP!!

  3. Nellita Superb says

    Is Roberta adopted

  4. øøf._its.me_ says

    Where is Roberta

  5. Dan Walker says

    My brother loves you so do I

  6. Donna dallwein-mackey says

    Ok so first I wanna say I really love you guys and your family but I can't help but say that Davy's hair when he puts his hand through it when he says after the zoo we're changing he reminds me of Jim Carey especially in something about Mary when he has the "special" hair gel lol or it could be ace Ventura but I couldn't help but get tickled! Hope you didn't get your feelings hurt I honestly love your family!

  7. Emma Poole says

    What was the camera used by the photographer?

  8. Kelly Pruett says

    Perfect pics!!

  9. Zoe Tropp says

    Beautiful pictures!! But i have to ask why do just 2 kids have red hair and not the other??

  10. Lorie Love says

    Such a beautiful family! ❤️

  11. Deana Leetch says

    ur family is beautiful n loved ur family pictures

  12. Macy Jean says

    The pictures are beautiful!

  13. Belieber Drug says

    amazing clothes

  14. Jackie Vay says

    You need to send these photos into a modeling agency!! These kids are stunning!

  15. Citlali Blanco says

    all the pictures came out so good but that last one👌, my fav! 🙂

  16. Kate Bartlett says

    The pictures are amazing! Such a beautiful family, inside and out!

  17. Susan Aaron says

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. DonnaM Maldona says

    You all turned out great in poses! Nice weather too!

  19. Em's Essentials says

    Gorgeous family photos!!

  20. Arrionna Crouse says

    i love ur guys videos

  21. Lisa Stefan says

    What a beautiful family !!!

  22. kimcam281 says

    love the pictures!

  23. faith diamante says

    Love watching your vlogs everyday here in the watching christian family vlogs most..your kids are really nice kids..God bless you all.

  24. Lesley says

    Your pictures turned out amazing beautiful beautiful family sending lots of love from Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦

  25. Sarah H says

    Wow you truly have been blessed with such a beautiful family!!!! Love you guys xoxox from NZ xoxoxo


    When ever I watch April and Davey I always think ender is Dennis from hotel Transylvania like this comment if you think ender looks like Dennis from hotel Transylvania

  27. Sierra Burgess says

    Those pictures were SO cute!!! Man Utah is beautiful!!!

  28. LL Francis says

    Aww, the photos made me cry! Such a sweet family, amazing scenery, and cute poses. 💗🙏🏻

  29. Zeena Maki says

    I really like Ender's jacket.

  30. Sara Lombardi says

    The cutest Family in the whole world these are Perfect fotos good job!:)

  31. Heather D. says

    You guys never cease to amaze me! I literally have tears in my eyes looking at the pictures at the end of the video. You have such a lovely family. It may have been stressful at times, but your kids certainly came through when the time came for it. The photos are beautiful! I was thinking, "oh that is the best one yet", then the next picture came up… I love them all — I really love the family one where everyone is looking at EB. I also really love how each parent seems to have a shot with each child along too. Great idea. The kids will really cherish those photos later in life, if not already. I can just see a framed pic in each of the kids rooms. They are all fantastic though. It's going to be hard to pick.

  32. The Helpful Assistant says

    Seriously amazing pics!!

  33. Sylvia says

    so cute! I would love to see a video on how you manage being a mom and hairstylist…I want to do something from home !

  34. tammylovesmakeup says

    What a beautiful family it almost made me cry

  35. Sheila AL says

    Am loving all the family pictures ❤️

  36. Alex says

    Wow your pictures are very pretty. in this pictures you can see how happy this family is. I´m sorry about my English sentences because I am from Germany and I am not very good in english at school but I love to watch your VLOGs.

  37. pebbles taka says

    Just beautiful 👍👍

  38. Stevie Tester says

    seriously the most beautiful family ever!! love you guys!

  39. Felicia Annette says

    Beautiful family. Beautiful pictures. 😀

  40. Eliza Britton says

    The pictures turned out great 🙂

  41. bl0ndieNY says

    your kids are sooo beautiful. i love the pictures and thebackground you were in front of. ambree (?) hair is very pretty…. not a common red color… gorgeous

  42. 4AOO says

    Omg!!! I cried looking at these pictures!!! #GOALS😭

  43. Alex McDougal says

    The photo at the end holding up EB made me suddenly think of the Lion King haha. Amazing photos though, perfect combination of a great photographer, stylist and a photogenic family 🙂

  44. Carrie Boice says

    I want to know how you didn't sneak in a snakes on a plane joke with that boa. haha

  45. Cindy Johnson says

    Ok seriously!!! You go to the zoo and then are able to take pictures and ALL look that good?? How!
    Super cute!!!!

  46. Kathy Puzic says

    Beautiful. Thank you soooo much for sharing your visit to the zoo and the photo shoot. So in love with your family. You always bring a smile to my face. Hugs to all of you!!!💗

  47. Melissa Jordan says

    all of your pictures are so beautiful! thank you for sharing!

  48. Kate Willis says

    I'm a photographer and that session looked amazing! I know big families can be tough but your photographer rocked it and you guys did too! I love the outfits you chose and damn that lens !!

  49. Amanda Parsley says

    "that didn't sound like stick.. sounded like somethin else" had me dying!! love y'all 💜💜💜

  50. Jackie Austin says

    What a beautiful photo shoot. The spirit of our Lord shines through all of you … You're an amazing family. Love watching your YouTube videos! Love from Central CA!❤️

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