1. TOP 2'S says

    Do anyone know the photographer s Name??

  2. hermi balcha says

    I am an amazing photographer i want to start my wedding photography buissness in china i need help

  3. Rendle carlisle Abalos says

    Paano po yan

  4. Cessna Socorro says

    What song is 1:04?

  5. Hermie Veloso says

    I love the creativity of the photographers in this clip. There are really no boundaries on the ideas you can try as a photographer, but make sure you practice them first on your staff, do not try these first time on the couple's prenup shoot day. What adds beauty and composition in photographers captures is their confidence. Confident photographers can control the whole shoot smoothly and achieves 99% of their desired output and poses.

    For couples who wants to do comfortable poses unlike those crazy ones above, check this article, its actually a good read and can give you a lot of ideas for your prenupshoot. https://bgbridalgallery.com/ph/wedding-tips/engagement-photo-ideas-to-steal

  6. Jesus Kushi says

    Wow ossum shoots

  7. mustachegirly24 says

    HEART SHAKER!!! I am a huge Twice fan! I love that song!

  8. pidong engco says

    What is the song in 0:31? Anyone plssss

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