Canon EOS RP :: Why?

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Canon has just announced a new entry level, full frame mirrorless camera – the Canon EOS RP.

The most interesting features on this new camera are the RP’s small size and its price. Its the most affordable full frame mirrorless camera to be introduced in the last year. But this makes me wonder, what is the point of the Canon RP? It doesn’t have any more features than the DSLR cameras that currently exists, so unless your requirements are an extremely small size, why would this be a camera of interest?

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Blair Bunting’s article on the need for high-end cameras:

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  1. Hansel Lobo says

    As a Sony shooter this may make sense to use this with a canon 70-200 2.8 (used) instead of buying the equivalent Sony lens. the 70-200 will always be used in bright daylight. I get the body and lens for the price of a Sony lens. Whats your opinion.?

  2. Kayhan Kayar says

    I own the Nikon Z6 and love it. But since last year I shoot more and more film with 35, 645 and 69 Kameras. Going back to the roots. Film gives me something, digital never will. I can not quite explain it, but I film kind of makes me more happy. In the basement, I can develop all my films myself.

  3. Immo Paulsen says

    I think it will do well. Full frame is the buzzword for still shooters and Canon has a lot of brand equity…and most people don‘t need 4K/60P or 10 frames a second. It‘s an affordable basic FF camera to capture market share for Canon. And they can do it, the EOS M50 is not the best but still sells well. Customers trust Canon. And I think it‘s a pretty clever move to get people into the RF lens ecosystem.

  4. Dustinrhoades says

    Thanks for this

  5. Dewsy Sipos says

    The only ppl will buy this are the ones who watch a couple of youtube videos on cameras, see everyone say FF is the ONLY legitimate option. They will search for FF cameras, see the price, get shocked, then see a bunch more videos to reassure the FF fetish, THEN they gonna buy the cheapest one out there, this model. Then they wont buy any new lenses, because the price.

  6. Jay Spot says

    I seem to be a person that this camera would work for. I am getting into architectural photography so I really don't need video features. The camera is going to be on a tripod and I will be using flash and bracketing a lot so it should be good for that. My only real dislike is the battery but at least it can be charged via a power bank. The EOS RP for $1299 (with adapter and grip) and the Canon EF 17-40 for under $2,000 to get starter seem like a pretty solid setup. I feel like most people hating on the RP are hybrid shooters.

  7. Jacobo Castro Cristo says


  8. Axiomatic Clarity says

    Canon has no strategy

  9. Gavin F says

    Another great video. I can tell you that the RP has had the desired response from me. Although I didn’t buy it, it has stopped me from running out and buying an a7iii. It has me waiting to see what the RP2 will look like in a year or two and then make an informed decision versus the a7iv. It’s a stop gap to slow the bleeding.

  10. Kevin Zych says

    People need to stop being so loyal to their brands. Canons mirrored line is no where close to their competitors

  11. John Campbell says

    I'm a landscape photographer and I've just moved from mirrorless to a Canon 5DS-R. Why? Because the image quality the 5DS-R and Canon L lenses gives is the best for the photography I do. Simple as that.

  12. Ken says

    I keep thinking the title is Canon EOS rip

  13. John Cho says

    There are already huge preorders for the RP. Canon came out with this product at this price point b/c they know it will sell – bottom line.
    It's basically 6D2 in a smaller lighter body and with electronic VF and the same swivel screen; and it comes with free lens adapter. Those reason in and of itself would be worth it for me.
    Canon still holds the highest sales for DSLR AND mirrorless in Asia (look it up)

  14. PhotoTube says

    The Canon EOS RP has nothing going for it except low price (for full frame) and the full frame sensor. It's price may be low for full frame but it's still not cheap and is hampered by mediocre specs and lack of features. Also, what is the point of releasing a "budget" body but no native mount budget lenses – that does not make much sense! Obviously you could adapt EF mount glass but would you really want to do this even if you had a lot of EF glass already? I think probably not! A much better camera at the price would be the Fujifilm X-T3 – it's better is every way except for the fact that it has a crop sensor but does that matter? You will only notice the difference when pixel peeping or when printing to huge sizes and even then the difference is probably not going to be significant most of the time. Nikon, Canon and Sony have brainwashed people into thinking that if you are really serious about your hobby or you are a pro then you have to go full frame or else you are using a second rate system. Don't fall for this sales talk! If the image quality from aps-c is not good enough then you should be thinking of going medium format because only then would you see a real improvement that matters.

  15. KoalaMeatPie says

    I got a Fuji X-T20 as I did not want to carry my Canon 5D M3 everywhere – too big and heavy. I LOVE my X-T20, I have many MANY lens adaptors for it and have been shooting with lenses from the 60s-80s . In fact, the main lens on it is a 35-70 f/3.5 Canon, not the best lens I have by FAR, but I love the "legacy glass" feel I get out of my photos.

  16. jp says

    Where Nikon and Canon have hurt themselves is delaying their introduction into the mirrorless market. Consequently, and as you stated, they have to protect the profits from their DSLR line-up, so they would never put TOO many features initially into their mirrorless cameras. And, the consequence of that is that people like me, don't want to purchase their first versions because we KNOW that the second and third will be more feature packed and until then, we'll continue to use our current camera system. At least that's where I'm coming from. The mistake that Canon and Nikon made was not adopting a dual track approach years ago – DSLRs and MIRRORLESS. They waiting so long to introduce their FF mirrorless cameras that many people are holding back from purchasing their new releases because they KNOW future versions will be incrementally better and people don't want to waste money on entry level systems (always a bad idea for budget conscience people)… okay, I'm starting to repeat myself, but you get my point.

  17. Rafał Maliszewski says

    Reading the specs of this one wouldn’t take you long lol

  18. Daniel Schmidt says

    I don't get why everybody is raving about the price of the RP!! I just bought an A7R II for 1250 Euro brand new from eglobal central last month, shipping included. The RP on the other hand is 1500 Euro in Germany. So the A7R II is cheaper, has much better dynamic range, much better video modes, working autofocus in 4K and 24p in 1080p. Also you can get the A7 II for around 850 Euro if you don't need 4K video. It has IBIS and a better sensor. Why would you get the EOS RP???

  19. Nelu Goia says

    So,you need IBIS for sports, when the shutter speed has to be fast enough not to have subject motion blur anyways…interesting, where did you get this idea from?

  20. Villiam Hansen says

    Newer chipset, possibility to use whatever lens without having to buy adapter. But I'm starting to see that the ai once again is messing with the quality, on the new chipset.

  21. Pharyn Gealized says

    Canon is like a dying civilization, the closer to the end the more suicidal mistakes it makes..

  22. Rob D says

    With the quality of todays cell phones, I would expect much much more form a 'real' camera released in 2019. There are things my cell phone will do that my one year old canon can not. And there is much more room in a camera body that in a cell phone. And tech prices should be making cameras more affordable as time goes on. I am very disappointed with this launch, and even the R. It seems that camera makers are not in touch with their customers. Maybe Apple should start making full frame cameras! The features and quality would be amazing!


    I see a person stand up still in the background, are u aware of him? 👻 lol 😂

  24. Pablo Garcia Coutiño says

    Almost five years have gone by, since the first mirroless cameras introduced by Sony. No turning on a dime, there. It appears Canon is protecting its video camera market (mid and high end). This year 2019, there is a 25% reduction in sales of Digital cameras. 7 million sold in 2018. For the price, the RP is $100 more than the D6 mark 2, and about 400 to 600 more than older Sony, Panasonic and Fuji cameras. RP is being called the R.I.P canon camera. No 4K, no Full HD 30-60-120 FPS. No dual pixel AF in cropped 4K video. Cost of RF lenses surpass the cost of the camera body. Battery lasts 250 photos or about half an hour of video. You can only record half hour videos.

  25. L cook says

    Are the lenses going to be smaller. Prob not possible so what's the point. Ff not much better than crop for me

  26. Mike Foster says

    People, nowadays, seem to think they have to have a camera that can do everything. Sorry, there isn't one yet. They should decide if stills or video is their forte, then buy the camera best suited to their needs. It's nice that most cameras can do both, but usually only do one or the other well. I mainly shoot stills and am glad that most cameras do an excellent job. I rarely shoot video, so my Canon M5 works great for me. I have relatively small arthritic hands so this camera allows me all the photo power I need. Just the lower weight factor of my system is like Heaven to me. I can carry a fairly small bag (6X8 inches) which holds five lenses, extra batteries, flash, and two filters (a Cpl and a variable density filter). My M5 with its 15-45 lens is carried on a Peak Design Capture Clip. A small compact system for a handicapped person to manage. I do carry a small monopod also but rarely use. Photography is really fun when you have the right system seemingly built just for you.

  27. G F says

    Few things you didn't mention entry level adapter Canon EF in L lenses with image stabilization. People forgot how stagnant Sony users were without any affordable lenses for years thank goodness for the Sigma mc-11. Sigma & Zeiss, Canon lenses. Why cant Canon RP users use Canon lenses? 😂

  28. Eoghan Hennessy says

    Your needs are to take pictures, your demands should be to take more pictures

  29. AWD Photography says

    The RP is compelling for those that aim to use fast glass.. I can see a lot of portrait photographers using this as either an introductory camera or second camera orrr those just starting out in business. Yes, the lenses are expensive, but you can get the adapter and stick on old L glass or Sigma.

  30. The Leviathan says

    Eos R pee pee

  31. ikbal kilinc says

    i wonder which one is the best still camera?

  32. Stefan Schmidt says

    A cheap body makes sense when sold with the EF-adapter. I do not feel it makes sense for a photographer to buy the cheap body and then buy lenses from the extremly expensive lens-lineup launched with the R. These amazing lenses crave a 1DX-R or a camera like a 5D-R. Both Nikon and Canon get a lot of outright hate all over the internet for not jumping on to the mirrorless bandwagon in time. When they actually do come out with their new models the photographic public bears down on them with a vengenance.

    I was a Canon shooter way back when they released the 10D, and my 20D with 8 Mpixel and a Sigma 18-55 F2.8 and a canon 70-200 F4L was everything I could ask for at the time. I had just been blessed with two children and the pictures from those years are some of my most loved. When the 5D mkII arrived I discovered videomaking for the first time. Amazing quality, and an upgrade from the 20D at the time.
    Eventually I bought an Olympus EM-5 as a backup/travel camera and after 6 months or so I realised that I was barely using my Canon gear so I sold it all and moved to M43 for the small size and surprisingly good quality of lenses an pictures. And the possibilty to use my really old lecacylenses with adapters. Today I have the EM1 mk2 with a complete set of lenses for my type of shooting. And since the Sony A7 II is dirt cheap now I have added that with the fantastic Tamron 28-75 mm F2.8 zoom for those low light situations. It works great for me.

    Am I looking for a new Canon mirrorless, nope!
    Does that mean I disregard Canon or Nikon? No, absolutely not! Some of my absolute favourite pictures ever was taken with my old Canon cameras.
    I was frustrated that canon did not have anything mirrorless back when I had quite a few Canon lenses and wanted to leave my SLR and go mirrorless. Those days are long gone and I still admire their cameras and their amasing glass. But since they took their good time to go mirrorless they have truly missed the opportunity to keep me as a customer. I have already found the gear I want and there is just nothing to lure me back. Unfortunately I fear that I am not alone. Both Canons and Nikons late arrival to a relative mature camera market will probably harm their possible sales.

    Canon will sell a lot of this model because of the price and the EF-adapter and the fact that FF is the new black. But will it be enough?

  33. Aweeky says

    Canon wants to do again,like 300d and 6d, using budget camera to attract customers. But, the global context is changed, for most people their iphone is already enough and they are all happy about it. Few people still need camera who demand more solid quality. So there is less room for middle price cameras which are high-end consumer camera and intro level full frame. For instance, 6d2 not selling well, is not because it's bad camera but its niche is gone. I don't think rp will replicate 6d's success

  34. Nor Dic says

    Why not ? Canon know what they are doing. The EOSR was a sales success and took 22%, of the FF mirrorless market in just one month.

  35. Vino Zorolla says

    Its for me, a cheap full frame camera that can take picture.

  36. Ben Neill says

    It really does feel like this was a cynical marketing driven move. The camera industry needs to learn some lessons from the smart phone market. Companies like HTC and Nokia have atrophied due to the burden of supporting 4+ distinct models every year while apple, OnePlus, Google's pixel and to a lesser degree, Samsung, have focused one with maybe one or two secondary derivatives.

    This is what sony is doing and it's working. If the big boys don't take notice, they will follow Nokia and become a cautionary tale.

  37. pieter van der walt says

    I think this camera is going to stop Canon users change systems and convince them to RF mount , its full frame, eye auto focus ,very reliable dual pixel af , decent sensor and a whole lot of lenses that you can adapt . And all of this for $1300 ? How is this even debatable? It may suck at video but video users account for 2% max. This camera will make Nikon or Fujifilm users switch purely for the reasons above that I expressed .

  38. Jason Li says

    What's wrong with shooting food??

  39. captainkanji1 says

    Canon wants to get their rebel users into full frame I guess.

  40. Fly Guy says

    You gloss over subjects like “I think they’re protecting their dslr lineup” – they’re not releasing an EF lenses in 2019 so I’m not sure what you’re talking about there. you gloss over a statement like “even though canon has committed to doing a full lens lineup that is not what we’ve seen so far”…… the canon RF lenses are literally amazing and they just announced that their 3 holy trinity lenses will be out this year…. you’re the only youtuber I’ve seen that has criticized canons RF glass.

  41. Bertrand Van Isterdael says

    People forget what you get for $1300 instead what's missing! Not everybody can afford a $2000+ camera and even a $1300! It's a very nice upgrade for enthusiast photographer coming from APS-C as you can even use your EF-S lens!

  42. Alexander Hugestrand says

    For me as a hobbyist, happy with my old 6D, the RP almost looks pretty interesting. But… I don't like the battery life of the RP. I also don't like when they dumb down cameras for "beginners". What I love about the 6D is that it's so damn basic and simple, but still without all that beginner's crap. The R looks more like what I would go for. But at that price I'd rather buy myself a Fuji X-T3 with some awesome prime lens, sell all my Canon-gear and buy even more lenses to the Fuji. That's how my thinking goes at least, and I'm still waiting for Canon to release a camera that makes me want to stay loyal to them. The RP isn't it.

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