advanced color full digital painting in photoshop tutorial star arts 6

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advanced color full digital painting in photoshop tutorial star arts 6
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  1. anuchand ram says

    ooh man i am an artist and you are insulting Art and Artists.. this is editing not a painting


    Ninga pandra paintinga engalaala purinjikavae mudiyala…at list adha brush link aadhu kudukkalam la

  3. Mahesh MV says

    Better get some photos from pixabay(picture library without copyright issues) or similar. Sell them as your art. Damn.

  4. hasan animator says

    Shit!!! @Star Colours Arts, Do u really know the real meaning of digital painting?🀬🀬🀬

    Guys!!! This is not a Digital Paint, It's just a Photo editing method using filter. Digital Painting it's mean you have to draw the objects or the character & want to paint manually… But here they are just editing & applying the filters to pictures… @Star Colours Arts,Don't teach the wrong things to people. Change the title Immediately or I'll report about you on YouTube…😑😑😑

  5. MURUGESH Singla says

    Nice and detail work … πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  6. Kotresh C says

    Can we make this painting on phones

  7. Kotresh C says

    Supper. πŸ€—

  8. sumit chaudhary says


  9. faiztheartist says

    Excellent work

  10. Supar Love says

    I love pane Puri

  11. the King says

    All u doing is photo editing don't evn dare call it painting

  12. Reverse Side says

    what so ever i think this guy have talent really please brother don't take it serious for these foolish persons….i know you are talented guy …….they are going to demotivated you…….but really i appreciate your work…..

  13. saju .s says

    Dai parathesi digital painting na yennannu theriumaadaa unakku?? Intha karumathukku background music oru kedu. Thu….

  14. ms official says


  15. Rames says

    Pun** vayi

  16. A Day With a Personality says


  17. Shubham Saini says

    This is wonderfull sir, can u make this kind of pic of me..???

  18. ζ’ι”ζˆ says


  19. Kasi Sk54 says

    Bro mobile la entha mathiri edit pana oru video podunga

  20. Phil Rich Ama says

    excuse me everyone, did you forget what is technology? did you know computer makes better than your art works? before you mention he did, kindly think what is digital painting? and for what purposes to use computer and digital painting, how come to start manual for digital painting if you have a tricks on computer? he is not insulting on you, he shows what is the easier way make digital painting. and even you are visual artist and our side being as graphic artist we have different taste, youre ability maybe is for visual artist, but our abilities can exist more than you think, coz we used graphic software, we used upgraded device and also we can design like web, software and ui design. you have no longer to watch this video, coz this video is for graphic designer not for visual artist and also you have no longer to use graphic software and computer if you dont want the tricks

  21. Nishanth1437 Nisha1437 says

    Bro super kilinja vaai Keerthi Suresh thane

  22. Raghav Revandkar says


  23. Digital arts Dinesh says

    Song vena eppadi pannanumnu solli thanga anna

  24. No One says


  25. Preethi Preethi says


  26. Dharmendra Kumar says

    Wrong title. This is not a digital painting. This is editing work. Stop fooling people with such titles.

  27. Selva Selva says

    photo over lay touching..its not art

  28. Ujjwal Singh says

    That's cheating

    Every one can draw like that

    Take brush copy colors and paint
    That's not art

  29. Shagar Thangaraj says

    Ongaluku vera photo ve kedaikala yaada 😷

  30. sema anna

  31. prabhakar bharsat says

    SALUTE TO Photoshop devlopers and u

  32. Shankar litho smg says


  33. Gnana Sekaran says

    Bro enna brush type use panringa pls reply bro

  34. K.M. Basha says

    Suddenly coming extra hair, how?

  35. Santhosh Yadu says

    How to make download in photeshop cc. In Windows 7

  36. murugaiyan p says


  37. Subhasish Rout says

    try to use the mouse slowly so that one can see what options you are selecting.

  38. JANA FOODS says

    very bad ,,due to speed

  39. Shimlith Lal says

    This is not digitalpainting.. this is just photo editing.. i am an artist.. Art is my job..

    . this is insulting.!! cheating!!

  40. RICHARD INSTA says


  41. ramesh badugu says

    plz link

  42. Virtual Friend says

    Please don't call this digital painting. This is photo editing. every one can do this.

  43. Shaun Clapham says

    THIS IS NOT CHEATING, HES NOT CLAIMING HE PAINTED IT. If you such a good artist then go and paint and do your thing. THis is a technique to achive similar results but that is not cheating. Great tutorial.

  44. Vishvesh Kumar Gaurav says

    People say it's cheating only because he is Indian when white people do it it is called creativity. I do not do it but once I called it cheating too in a facebook group and all white people just ran to kill me. What a fucking double standard.


    very Nice

  46. Vallala Santhosh says

    bro needed my pic i will pay for u

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