14 Wedding Photos You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

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  1. Smileyrie James says

    Chamber pot eating, fast food wedding & being covered in food in your expensive wedding outfit? Why??? 🤦‍♀️

  2. InfinityTecHZone says

    A baby has stuck inside her Knee…

  3. Michał Krawiec says

    ​@t Wedding photography

  4. daishen love says


  5. Lord first one

  6. Larry Brock says

    I am just going to have a normal wedding lol weird to be married  to THE EIFFEL TOWER!!!!!!

  7. Kit Kat says

    Once saw someone get married in Starbucks… I was the only attendant except for the staff members.

  8. Albert Carrera says

    Wow that ring is very I don't what

  9. nana ekuah says

    9$14😂😂😹😹🤣dis crazy

  10. Mya Brown says


  11. Caroline Scott says

    Yeah except wedding ring piercings don’t last. They only stay for like 1 to 2 years because they are surface piercings.

  12. Austen tdm #1 says


  13. Tamara´s ScissorHands says

    Good vid 👍👍

    Would you have a simple response to our video and let me know what you think as I believe you may have an eye for the work

  14. Fr Louie Goad says

    I love weddings!

  15. samson chua says

    The robot looks cute tho

  16. Caitlin Rodger says

    Number 3🙄 I’m from Scotland and I have never heard of that. Also it’s kinda annoying how. Say Scotland sry

  17. jsau1 802u37 says


  18. Missy Smith says

    I that cream up dress

  19. Michael Clark says

    Can you make one of the mole worlds tallest if your ass

  20. Young King4x says

    I did it I sub

  21. Gilbery Sykes says

    How much time did it take.

  22. xXpotatopotata Xx says

    The wedding ring piercing seems hurtful

  23. Susi Ramirez says


  24. Cassy Molton-keasey says

    That's weird

  25. Petra Marcinek says

    Wtf number 7.. diapers under wedding dress.. that's just messed up..if u need to go just go.. 😲

  26. nobody Uknow says

    The last one had to have been started by the bride's parents. You wanna marry my daughter? You better be strong enough to protect her, if need be.

  27. Jose varelas says

    lololo jkjk

  28. It'sALittleBigWorld says

    Am I the only one who thinks this woman's voice is SUPER ANNOYING

  29. dantdm jr says


  30. El Californio says

    This video is solid evidence that marriage is truly for the insane

  31. Kimberleys wolf gang says

    No.1 is so so messed up

  32. ItzNaeNae says

    This is why I don’t wanna get married

  33. Павлов Артем says

    t,,rd;a;wl.,.l,f,ftfgtft;hklg ;g;.6256266356566+66
    33332333323+6+6++6+alkwjheejrejerjerjm,,n,hlkldl 2aww22222222['ylg;f. ;eps pep pesf' [f ]s] f s

  34. Adella Simmons says

    i love this

  35. ıṡһ ѧṅṅѧ says

    Rlly -_-

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