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Woolly and Tig is a British series of 5-minute live action dramas about a three-year-old girl (Tig) and her toy spider (Woolly).

The episodes focus on the feelings that children may have when faced with new experiences.

The character of Tig is played by three year old Betsy McCredie; Dad is played by Colin McCredie (Betsy’s actual father) Mum is played by Jenny Ryan(Betsy’s Aunt) and the series is narrated by Maisie McCredie (Betsy’s older sister). #WoollyAndTig #ToySpider

  1. Umair Shaikh says


  2. Jagjeet Singh says

    I like woolly,tig's mummy,fog's daddy,tig,guy's nursery teacher miss clear,tig's granny,tig's grampa %%%%%%%

  3. Jagjeet Singh says

    Tig is so cute

  4. Vanessa Bousfield says


  5. Vanessa Bousfield says

    Woolly and Tig love

  6. Apple Juice says

    V andpig¢¢¢¢¢ ∆

  7. puisze tai says


  8. Jovi Murillo says


  9. Xeher Armughan says

    I love you wolly and tig

  10. G-girl Pecchia says

    I didn't like the first one I have but I love the second one

  11. Samir Sarang says


  12. Sahira Haq says

    0/0 becase tigs so dumb and so kidy

  13. Kayleigh Watts says

    Hdmcj Sakkara,z

  14. Keesha Topp says


  15. Mudassir Hussain says

    Tig you’re so cute 😅

  16. Kian Morgan says


  17. Sam Gillan says


  18. Sam Gillan says


  19. richard ziegler says

    100/100 2

  20. Nichola Prince says


  21. Fashiongirl007 says

    Who’s watching this In 2018

  22. Fluffy hamster says


  23. Jelena Studio says

    Everyone shut up

  24. Anna Nguyen says


  25. OzUs GT says

    How does any mice be scared of the spider like everyone I’m not like what is this even real

  26. roan in wonderland says

    My house is beside tigs house

  27. george harris says


  28. Johanna Perez says


  29. Jessica Pabari says

    vaurben is my friend

  30. Doctor squish Lover says

    Why am I watching this I am 9 this week

  31. Jessica Pabari says

    i hate my friend

  32. luis damaso says

    Thank you

  33. Erikaax503 says


  34. Nalita Suri says


  35. roan in wonderland says

    My house is beside tigs` house

  36. Skinny_shot_you_in_HD says

    Everyone shut up

  37. Skinny_shot_you_in_HD says

    No your not getting fifty likes on your birthday your birthday has been a year

  38. cptlogic says


  39. BornTo Sparkle says

    How am I enjoying this I am eleven!!!!!

  40. inquisitor master fan Meza says

    Un may its muy birthday i will give you 54.likes

  41. Chad Eisenberger says

    At 37:22 it looks like Tig is crying

  42. Marta Salazar says


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