Advantages Of Outsourcing Wedding Image Post Processing

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Planning a wedding is as tiresome as planning a shuttle launch. More often than not a bride does most of the planning when she was young and she would be dreaming of a big wedding all the time she grew up. Therefore it is a must for every wedding to make it perfect. What is more important than that? Clicking the right images at the right times! The couple picks a professional photographer before the wedding as part of the arrangement and he will shoot the wedding in the most classy way possible. This however is hindered by movement of people in the wedding and the available light source.

Every professional photographer will get into wedding photography as it is quite lucrative. A wedding is the most beautiful event which can generate over 500 images which in turn requires sorting, processing and editing. It is a lot of work to a professional photographer and he/she will have to sit out other events to cover up the work that is left from a single wedding.

A photographer’s task in the wedding is to capture the prefect moments. The job is not done there; the worst part is the post processing. As mentioned before, post processing is where one has to sort images based on clarity, importance and the people involved and then process them according to the image. In recent days many firms have come up with the idea of offering post processing services. A wedding image goes through certain phases before the delivery goes out to the customer.

Rough Editing

With an average of 500 photos generated at even the simplest of weddings, even the basic task of selecting the best shots and rejecting obvious poor-quality shots is time-consuming. The firm put the best eyes in the industry on your photos and quickly find the best choices.

Artistic Editing

Once the bad shots are eliminated, the real work starts. The freelancing firm hires trained editors who can do the following techniques on the selected shots to the highest quality standards:

  • Monochrome Conversions
  • Black & White Conversions
  • Sepia Conversions
  • Special Effects
  • Whatever artistic grace notes you want added,

Detail Editing

Wedding Image Post-processing work is time-consuming and headache-inducing. With Freelancing firms here to do the job quickly, cautiously and correctly, the following aspects of image editing is a piece of cake,

  • Color Correction
  • Color Enhancement
  • Density Correction
  • Noise Reduction
  • Image Sharpening
  • Level Editing
  • Dodge and Burn


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