Welcome to my photography workshops. Studio Tour

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Welcome to my photography studio.

If you’re watching this then you might be interested in attending one of my photography workshops.

I’d like to give you a little bit of a tour of my studio and explain more about my work and what we can offer with these amazing new facilities.

First off, you’ll see our main studio area studio space. We have a huge 11 meter by eight metre infinity cove. It’s a purpose-built constructed infinity cove – fantastic background for fashion shoots.

You’ll see Fabienne working on an example still life set-up (she’s just adjusting some reflective cards) for our advertising products still workshop. I’m going to teach you some amazing techniques for fantastic product and still life advertising images.

You’ll also get the opportunity to work on this equipment… we’ve got the very latest state-of-the-art lighting equipment, camera equipment which I’ll teach you how to use. If you ever decide to buy or rent this type of kit in the future, you’ll understand how to best use it. We’ve also got more specialized lighting kit available at your disposal.

You can take some great pictures on these workshops and take those pictures home with you.

We’ve got a meeting area where we’ll discuss the projects working together as a team to get the very best results. As part of the training process we have this high resolution projector. When we turn the lights down you’ve got this amazing image so that you can follow me on photoshop tutorials.

We can do portfolio reviews, we can discuss other photographers work we can look at what makes a great image on my Deeper Understanding workshop. One of the key things is going to be the understanding of basic vision principles, color theory and expanding our knowledge on what makes a great photograph.

In our down time at lunch we’ve got this lovely breakout area, this relaxing lounge kitchen area here we’ve got tea, coffee on tap all day. Lunch is provided on the workshops

I believe we’ve created a very very special place for these workshops, a very special studio… and it’s all located here in my home island, the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey.

A fantastic location with beautiful restaurants, lovely coastal locations, coastal backdrops and a beautiful town for shopping and exploring.

I hope this gives you a little bit more information about our workshops. If you’d like to know more then just contact us for further information.

Thank you very much,


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  1. Ivan Zafiris says

    Pepa pimk

  2. Ivan Zafiris says

    Pepa plk

  3. Bebo dancing feet says

    Hello sir.. how can I join ur workshop please snd me ur details

  4. Bebo dancing feet says

    Hello sir how can I join your workshop


    i wan to startup my own studio with about 3000 USD but am just a noviste in photograph i need advise and how to start it up with tools needed to get the best photo i can

  6. Faisal Sumon says

    How you manage your hot temperature situation in studio. I mean your air conditioning system.
    In my mind I just got a question that if I make a studio like you in a rooftop or in a ware house. How would I manage the AC system in that.

  7. Michelle Cox Photography says

    What an amazing studio space!

  8. harsh liya photography says

    Can you please tell me the charges for Workshop ??

  9. Tracy Wall says

    What a great studio space Karl. Do you own it, or rent this new facility?

  10. Mdprofessional Photostudio says

    Wow it's lovely, nice one 👍👊👏

  11. Maac Desmond says

    a millionaire studio… love at first sight !!!

  12. Maneesh Saxena says

    Amazing Studio Bro 🙂

  13. nomonde mothusi says

    How do I get hold on you I'm currently in South Africa

  14. Taylor Miller Productions says

    great studio mate

  15. Femonden says

    very nice

  16. Tee Zhaocheng says

    hire me as your staff i m malaysia

  17. Lalit Dewangan says

    awesome studio…. i loved it… one day i il have a better studio and better gear then it… thankyou for encouraging and recharging me…

  18. Jill Mayes says

    Looks fabulous! Beautiful facilities.

  19. Michael Tolfree says

    Goals! This is how it's done.

  20. Bryan Gateb says

    Karl, What's your experience (if any) using the B1's or D1's in a Broncolor Para (specifically 133)? I own a pair of B1's, B2's and a D1 1000 and I'm looking at pulling the trigger on the 133 soon and wanted to know what peoples' experiences were.

    Specifically — does the narrow-ish 77-deg spread of the "built in" reflector on a B1 and/or D1 have any effect on its ability to fill the Para with light, or otherwise work as intended with the focusing tube? I know frosted domes are available for these lights, but the flash tube is still not exposed and probably wouldn't do very much in the way of increasing the spread.

    Second — how well does it work (if at all correctly) with HSS using a B1?

  21. Yury Feoktistov says

    Thank you! It's very interesting!

  22. Cinematography Database says

    Your studio is amazing. Hopefully my company can move into a space like that in the future <3 Your lighting tutorials are gold and a lot of my professional DP buddies use your techniques on set. Cheers!

  23. Lex Arias says

    Amazing Studio facilities…

  24. Neopulse00 says

    People see a beautifully made studio/facility, what I see is a lot of sweat and elbow grease. Makes one appreciate where you work more.

  25. Jason Yau says

    Very impressive studio and equipment! 😃

  26. Abe .M. Essack says

    Awesome Studio space, a great learning centre, I need to attend your workshops and brush up on my digital skills, I come from a film background many years of analogue photography and darkroom work both in B&W & Color. Will be in touch by email to get more information. Thanks for posting the video and giving an insight to your facilities. Looking forward to attending your workshops soon.

  27. john wheatley says

    That's an amazing facility, and great environment for learning 👍

  28. Jorge Miranda says

    que bueno volver a ver un video tuyo.exitos en este mes saludos

  29. Andrew Henning says

    Looks fabulous.

  30. Christopher Mosley says

    Wow, I'm impressed. Very nice studio space and equipment. I'm interested in the workshop now.

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