2 Awesome Lighting Tricks for Food Photography

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Learn about two of my favorite lighting techniques to make your food photography look even better.

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  1. Redliner Andy Vlogs says

    thank you so much <3

  2. Nick Anderson says

    LOVE this Joanie! Such powerful techniques 🙂

  3. Cooking With A Little Spice says

    Beautiful job

  4. Raílton Vilhena says

    Your videos are so refreshing!

  5. Noealz Photo says

    I shouldnt be watching this while I am fasting~

  6. Trini Cooking with Natasha says

    Great tips , I do know the oil trick. Oxo

  7. A Real Kitchn says

    Can you do more when you have no natural light available? I swear – this new home I moved into was occupied by Vampires as there is no freakin' light here

  8. Nicole S. Young says

    Very nice! Wonderful and subtle lighting tips. These can even be used beyond food!

    BTW, your channel is great, Joanie. Such a fresh perspective with a positive vibe. I've been photographing food for years but love watching your videos. There's always something new to learn, and a little bit of inspiration and motivation can go a long way, even for those of us who may already have the "hang of things" 🙂

  9. No Somos Amigos says

    Nice video 🙂

  10. Deidre Fultz says

    Good Idea I have to try this! Thanks!

  11. Steve Mahaffee says

    Sadly I rarely get food products to shoot for clients, but all your lighting and setup techniques can be applied to all kinds of product- tabletop photography. Thanks Joanie, your enthusiasm is infectious !! 🙂

  12. Cookswiss says

    Congratulations to 100k! Your tips are really helpful 👍🤗

  13. Aleah says

    I finally got my hands on some actual photography lighting for valentines day, so I'm so excited to apply these new skills.

  14. Facundo Peralta says

    love this channel! ♥

  15. Mauria Photography says

    This is amazing. I will definitely be trying this out. I like fall off in certain situations.

  16. yeinhorn says

    Isn't that against inverse square law? Moving the light further should give u less falloff

  17. Ken Holloway says

    Thanks for the light lesson. Love the fall off and how it adds depth. Your food always looks so amazing. Can we get the soup recipe??? The spicy version?

  18. Jackelin Slack says

    Thanks for another great video, Joanie!

  19. Sherif Seoudy says

    Thanks a lot for your videos! you really are one of the best (if not the best) tutor I've ever followed. Thank you for your time and effort you put in your videos.
    i wanted to ask you about something, where do you usually answer inquiries 😀 Thanks again !

  20. Hala Allam says

    Love this 👌👌

  21. Jess- Una Familia Común says

    Thanks every video a Master Class

  22. Todd Kuhns says

    In my schooling as well as going back and teaching college a "specular"highlight" was simply defined as a direct reflection of the light source. In the same way you could create a "specular shadow" by reflecting a black card into a subject. It was often confusing in the word specular because students compared it to a diffused light source or diffused surface of their subject.

    Great video, as always. You're not just a "fix it in post" photographer and the industry needs more of what you're doing. Thanks.

  23. Nin is Cooking says

    Great simple and easy-to-use tips Joanie, thank you I will definitely try that on my next photos ! 👌

  24. FrancoNaron says

    Hi joanie.. would love it if you could check on my feed on instagram.. hadle is @ftrqlo .. great content as always!

  25. Cristina Di Noia says

    Great video Joanie, such valuable content.

  26. Emilia Michniewicz says

    Thank you! I love watching your videos 🙂

  27. Mercymyra Cuisine says

    Loved the video😍

    Really simple and helpful video😊

    I get inspired by cooking videos/and i like food photography. I have a youtube channel that i just started. My wish is to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of the year. Any good people who wish to make my wish come true by subscribing to my channel(Mercymyra Cuisine)? This would make my day🤗. Thanks in advance and be blessed😘

  28. Just Nash says

    This is amazing Joanie, I love your videos, so informative and in-depth, just wanted to say thank you!

  29. tosin samuel says

    Thank you so much for this Joanie… 😍

  30. Jam Perez says

    Thanks so much Joanie!!

  31. Darek Szwedo says

    I need to get me that book 😀 love the video!

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