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Free step by step tutorial on how to make this 8 x 8 x 4” spine Wedding album First Edition’s The Promise paper collection. For beginners or seasoned crafters. You ‘ll get an easy, down to earth learning experience from my tutorials. This album has 14-1/2 pages of detailed, fun layouts, featuring how to make pockets, foldouts, pull out folders, and more!. Supplies for this tutorial can be purchased at or
Be sure to visit and follow me on my YouTube channel and my blog for more fun tutorials and projects. Also on Facebook: Search J & S Hobbies and Crafts or Designs by Shellie You can find a free materials list for this tutorial at

  1. Cathy Sitek says

    Hi Shellie, really love the papers for this album… I notice you don't sell this stack in your store..any ideas?
    or where can I get it?

  2. Becki Ferguson Purvis says

    I cannot find Part 2 of this tutorial. Can you post the link? I love your work !

  3. lynne macdonald says

    hi Shellie do you have templete of wedding words I try do on word and not working I need for my sons wedding album thanks Lynne

  4. Jignesh Dave says

    can i use cardstock instead of tyveck?

  5. cecilia romero says

    That is beautiful

  6. Segun Scrap says

    Hola Estoy buscando los recortables que utilizas para este álbum podrías ayudarme muchísimas gracias

  7. white_blood clipped_wings says

    What is tyvek?

  8. Phoenix Fury says

    gorgeous. absolutely love it.

  9. Kathy Gorrell says

    How much of the bigger lace do you suggest?

  10. Rosane Freitas says


  11. Aurélie Jouvencel says

    I am French. My English is not perfect.
    This album is just beautiful. I will do my wedding and get inspired from your album.

    Could you tell me how many photographs can it contain? Thank you very much.
    Thank you for your sharing and your album tutorials, it helps me a lot to make mine.

    Lily of France

  12. Crown of Elegance says


  13. Maribel Coello says

    Shellie please, can you tell me where I can buy the details of, rings, bell etc. Thanks a lot 🙏😘😘

  14. Maribel Coello says


  15. Juili Kelvekar says

    Dear Shellie, I am very excited to share the video of wedding album that I created with the help of your step by step instructions video. Thank you so much!!! Lots of Love!!!

  16. Deborah Bublitz says

    Shellie I was just asked to make one of these albums. But I have a couple of questions. If the First Editions Paper is no longer available what else would you suggest and the customer wants me to add at least 10 extra pages so that she can have the little sentiment hearts that were filled out by her guests added to the album. She went through YouTube and found your channel featuring the wedding album and figured that since I had done other items for her before I could just whip this right on up for her. I'm glad she has faith in me, but I'm not sure if I do. She wants it just like what she saw on your channel. Then the kicker, she asked me for a price. I have no clue on how to charge for something like this. I also have to make a box for her to store it in. That I can do. Again the catch is that it has to look just like the album…I can see sleepless nights now!

  17. J Eilers says

    Hi shellie, love this  album.  I have made quite a few changes… I have a 5 inch spine.  Wrapped my paper.  I only did 4pages as I did a 1 inch gusset.  So it turns out to be 10 pages….By doing a 5 inch spine it allows me to have a large larger gussets so I can add more flips and fold outs plus more embleshments.  It is a quite large album…I plan on adding a waterfall feature, side pockets etc….  Thank you so much for your tutorials….  I will try to upload a photo to your facebook page.  Have a great day…

  18. INESNAOMIE says

    bonjour, j'adore l'idée de votre mini album, malheureusement, étant française trés nulle en anglais, je ne comprends pas les explications, bien que ce soit clair et précis, mais une

  19. kinnette31 says

    Hi Shellie! i hope you feel good. i'd like you to thank you so much for sharing with us your techniques they're great 😍
    could you please tell me what's medium size means for the chipboard? i living in France and here we usually talk about grams 😊
    thank you again and have a great day ahead!

  20. hobby byshir says

    im love this very very much im form holland thank you so much

  21. hobby byshir says

    oke thank you so much

  22. hobby byshir says

    were i can find the cm ?

  23. Margaret Monk says

    Hi can you tell me the weight off the paper you use as we buy it in gm not in pounds thanks Margaret.

  24. C Durran says

    Beautiful work, as usual!! 2 questions . . . How is this hinge system different from your earlier tutorials? What is the purpose of the shorter last page? Thanks -Cindy

  25. Dimi Ford says

    Hi Shellie …this is gourgous … many pictures will the album hold

  26. J. Anderson says

    Beautiful! You should get some scissors that don't squeak for your videotaping. Thank you for the transitions past the redundant parts; if I decide to do the project, I can always pause while I trim corners, add tape, etc.

  27. Wendy-Marlane says

    love this album, I made a mini album for my son & daughter n' law who eloped to Fiji to get married on a beach, using this gorgeous paper I purchased from you, and some beach themed embellishments. My first gatefold (not sure I would do another gate fold) loved working with the paper, it was so luxurious, really appreciated the fast shipping as I was on a deadline to get the album started and finished 🙂

  28. Jackie Turner says

    Thanks for taking the time to do this tutorial for us. I learned many new techniques from your beautiful work. You are amazing!!

  29. Your Book of Memories says

    Love love love love love love love all your work you are amazingly creative and a great artist I am so glad to have found your channel thank you so much for sharing everything for absolutely nothing in return!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Bonnie Brandis says

    thank u for responding I found some pretty wedding pages. oh my u need to see how my book looking im in shock. thank u so much for this video. i watch it a thousand times to get it right. thank u again

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