Outdoor Photoshoot Behind the Scenes with Natural Posing

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See the final photos on my Instagram:

All the final photos are edited with my Amalfi Lightroom Preset:

Model: Kristina Srzich

I hope you all enjoyed this behind the scenes video! I wanted to film and share this with you to show that a super simple, quick photoshoot can achieve some beautiful results! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.


Closer by Emma Jensen

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Sony RX100iv
Sony a7s + Sigma 24mm f1.4


Canon 5dmkiii
Sigma 24mm f1.4
Canon 35mm f1.4
Canon 50mm f1.2
Canon 85mm f1.2
Canon 135mm f2

Thank you so much for watching! xx

  1. Julia Trotti says

    Check out the Lightroom Presets I used to edit the photos in this video 🙂
    Here: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets/#/new-amalfi-lightroom-preset/


  2. Fabian says

    Nice Pics 🙂 You Shoot With AI Servo Fokus ?

  3. Alexandre Piché says

    That model has got to be one of the most beautiful woman alive.

  4. Ally Rey says

    I come back to this video when I can’t sleep and let it run in the back to help me sleep it’s just such a calming vibe

  5. Anthony Goulart says

    I’m curious why you don’t use lens caps ever when you shooting. Thanks

  6. Erick Tavares says

    god she is so beautiful

  7. Carol Fayman says

    This popped up on my feed. I have a photography question for anyone else who perhaps is just seeing this and knows more, I love lifestyle photography, but her ISO is 100, shutter speed 2000-4000 (for the first few) and depth of field 3.2 or lower (sorry i can’t look while writing a comment)

    So in theory the lighting should be INCREDIBLY dark yes for having the ISO so low and shutter speed so fast? Right?

    Ps I just started shooting with a Canon 6D and 50 mm

  8. lombardiphotography says

    Very nice, how did you come to your exposure setting?

  9. spanish. ink says

    35 mm ?

  10. Chelynn Smith says

    I love your photos! Inspiring!

  11. Catalin Luntraru says

    4:39 I wouldn't use a lens that wide so close to the person. The model is slim enough to help you with the face distorsion, but with an 85mm she would have looked more stunning. Cool idea for a shoot and amazing chemistry between you two. Keep it up.

  12. Luis Erives says

    This preset is beautiful!!! Which one are you using for this one? Golden??

    or do they all come in your pack?!

  13. Hayley Rose Winters says

    I love this video! Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful creation.

    Your videographer did an amazing job as well, cudos! (The previous behind-the-scenes photoshoots I watched had mediocre video quality.)

    It's fascinating to see how a DSLR captures images so great, oftentimes much better than the eye perceives them.

    How is this possible? I really need to know this "secret" about photography. Could you show us one before photo? Do you believe these stunning results come only after editing? I'm so struggling to figure it all out!!

    Finally, did you use Photoshop at all? If so, which improvements did you make?

    Thanks for reading! 😀

  14. Danielle Dierker says

    i need to know where this dress is from!?

  15. Jman76 says

    The model is STUNNING! WOW!!!!!!!!

  16. _samyasa_ _ says

    Is it possible to get this kind of photos with a good mobile phone camera?

  17. Jhon-Jhon Suarez says

    if pick one lense for portrait what it is ??

  18. Li Conz says

    The photos are beautiful, the model is stunning, location perfect, and the girl's smile is everything!! Amazing job Julia💛 but can someone plz tell me where that dress is from?!

  19. Robert Fizek says

    this is very beautiful video. Thanks. I have one question for you, how is it song from video? PLS you can give me hyperlink or name of song? thanks. 🙂

  20. Hannibal Lecter says

    I think it's significant that your model must be good-looking so even the kinda bad photos turn out good. For example I once tried self-portrait with the timer on my Nikon and despite good lighiting was so horrified at my my shrek-looking facial expressions i thought i'd throw the camera away

  21. Surfy_ McSalty says

    Very pretty model

  22. Icy Ice says

    Its easy when u are beautiful.. 😔

  23. Walter Manglona says

    Both the photographer and model are stunning.

  24. Erica 35mm says

    Love this! These are my favorite kind of videos ❤️ I just posted a BTS of a model beach shoot please check it out and give me some tips ❤️❤️

  25. Myke D says

    She's the kind of model we kill to photograph! Relaxed, confident, and a little fearless!

  26. Dang Tran says

    another video with Kristina pls! 🙂

  27. Kuntal Bar says

    Looks like gal gadot

  28. Sandip Soni says

    Love with each click

  29. Skitaev Vitaly says

    What lens did you use?

  30. Abreanne Huerta says

    I love your videos!

  31. Anthology_Ant584121G Peralta says


  32. Aley Cárdenas says

    Soy de habla hispana… no entiendo nada… pero este canal es fantástico en su contenido fotográfico

  33. Marianiki Misyri says

    She gives me Alexis Ren vibes

  34. AllergicToMyself says

    Yeah nah, watch out for the brown snakes lol

  35. ItsZeny says

    I love her accent and she has such a nice personality too.

  36. Gordon Suen says

    Beautiful shots. Where was this if you don't mind me asking?

  37. Boyka says

    what camera do you use to photograph your photos >?

  38. Keith Wong says

    Thx for all these informative videos. Fresh air from all of the gear debating videos on youtube.

  39. se se says

    your models are always so pretty

  40. Startastic ! says

    what camera do you use?

  41. Алла D. says

    omg I just want that dress xD

  42. Chanel Brillo says

    Doing a shoot in a few hours and came here for inspiration 💛

  43. Cynthia Katie says

    What lens are you using

  44. Khataza Mbhombhi says

    I just discovered you and I love your work 🙂

  45. Gabrielle Stieb says

    Seriously the most awesome video for me as a beginner to watch 🙂 Thank you!

  46. k d says

    Can I marry both of em?

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