Landscape Photography – The Fine Line of Fine Art

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Creating landscape photos that can be seen as fine art is a true challenge. Fine art defines a photo or a photographer that creates something different, unique and beautiful that can stand time. Yet, it’s so difficult to define and predict!

In this vlog I try my best to explain what fine art is to me and show you some photos!
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  1. PG Tips says

    Your photos were absolutely stunning!! Best I have seen for a long time. That's what I call fine art photography! Subscribed. 😊

  2. Mike H. says

    Want to know the difference between art and fine art? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s not about the printing paper, not about color vs black and white, not about medium format vs 35mm, and not about intent.

  3. Arsenio Frontela says

    Tom great truth about all your ideas. However, your conclusion or your words are so very true. We can only achieve perfection by practicing and even then we may never reach perfection, because timing and chance are a strong part of the equation. Enjoy the video.

  4. RR26 says

    Terrible lengthy talk! Who needs fine art? We just need a good photo. You repeated others' works and you call them fine art.

  5. Fred Eric says

    Indeed, creating one’s own style, creating something new is hard. I consider Kenna to be the best of our generation, and probably the last… i dont see anybody else who crushes photography more than michael Kenna. Black and white definitely creates more mystery, more finesse in things. Again, Kenna is a master at it and explains why better than anybody else. Its because we are used to see colors all the time, so things become flat, especially to modern day landscapes. Some people and vloggers in particular, if they knew how to edit or maybe spend more time trying to make a final picture worth fine art, it would be to spend time going from digital to negative and in the dark room for a final process. In fact, creating anything takes a lot of time. Nothing that gets done in the rush or quickly can truly have the intention of being art. Its something that most people dont understand because our society pushes us to live fast, to take snaps, but in the end its boring and flat. People like Ansel Adams spent hours studying a scenery, hours before taking a shot, or maybe spend hours taking dozens of shots who knows, but its definitely the time you spend on a subject that makes the difference.
    One thing you mentioned is patterns. Patterns are a thing of the art. Pattern in Van Gogh style of painting, of making things turn into shape, patterns created by light or with the distance of things, with the contrast of things. There are so many attributes to creating art, and when it comes to photography, it’s actually quite hard, not in the sense of finding something interesting, but the time it requires to photograph a subject in different positions, lighting, time of the year etc. so many things to consider really, its almost insane.

  6. dallasbear222 says

    Well said Tom Your honesty is refreshing. Add me to your Big Fans list!

  7. Christoffer Olsen says

    Hi 🙂 How do you make it Blue-ish?

  8. Klaus Schleicher says

    Hi Tom, there is a saying: Art lies in the eye of the beholder. ( Or at least in the German language this exists). From my point of view an image which transports emotions to the viewer can be judged as fine art by the viewer.
    For me, your image of the fallen tree is fine art. 😀

  9. suffarstar dev. says

    Frate, ești genial

  10. ACID SNOW says

    uuh that intro section was beautiful!
    thanks for sharing that with us!

  11. flaii. herr says

    This is fine art, no matter what people say to you.

  12. Heinz Hagenbucher says

    Hi. This is the first video I’ve seen from you, and I think you bring it across quite well. I know the subject is difficult, but I can feel it comes from your photography soul. If I may say it that way.

  13. H Batenburg says

    Good video buddy. Love your thoughts on these things. Even if people don't agree with you, this will/ could make them think from another perspective about fine art. Love it

  14. Reza Esfahani says

    let camera do the talking

  15. Suman Krishna says

    You sound like a professor in a fine art class. That's what makes your video so special. There are few people complaining about all talks and only few pics in the end missed the whole philosophy behind fine art.

  16. John Creen says

    Very inspirational, thank you

  17. Julio Cesar Franco says

    take it easy Tom!! to make long story short beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  18. Srinivas Yepuri says

    Talk less and show more work. Thanks

  19. Shane Stark says

    I appreciate your struggle in trying to take such a subjective aspect of photography and explain it in such a short video. I always learn something from you and I appreciate your efforts in each video you make. Keep them coming and thank you for your work.

  20. Tim Krause says

    I enjoy your videos, Toma. But as regards this topic of Fine Art Photography, I have to say that I'm more confused now than I was before I watched this video. I'm not being critical; it's a very difficult topic to understand. Kudos for the courage to attempt it! Thanks for your videos, keep it up!

  21. Holly Van Hart says

    😻 Thanks for sharing! ✔️ 💘

  22. Swastik Mund says

    photos were gr8 but pls do les talking and more photography

  23. Mark Janes says

    “In the end, all of your effort may be for nothing.” – Yes, but it is good to have a goal and strive towards something. If you shoot for the stars you may hit the moon!
    Brave attempt at defining fine art in 10 minutes.😀

  24. Vazrul Saltiani says

    Great. I shot fineart too! Have a check @vazrulsaltiani on instagram.

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