Bridal Photo Shoot | How to Pose for Wedding Photos | My Life as a Model in Korea |Maria Maria

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Hi Everyone!

This was a shooting for:

Wedding 21 Magazine

Dresses Designed by Bride Merci

Makeup and Hair by Jenny House


Instagram: @TryThisWithMe

Face Book: Try This With Me

Manager: @dingg_park

[No Copyright Music] Good for You – THBD
[No Copyright Music] So Alive – Gill Bondy

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  1. Wayank says

    share please visit and subscribe
    wedding model is java indonesia

  2. J Lee says

    I enjoyed the video. I plan to go to Korea from the States to get our wedding photos done, pre-wedding/bridal session, that is. Can you tell me which photo studio that was? I like the outdoor and their authentic props.

  3. Taylor Francis says

    I just wanted to know how tall you are?

  4. Sulee says

    Please wait for me. I am jumping on the studio you are. lol

  5. Jaky Fujii says

    Achei mais sua cara esse video, curtinho mas bem divertido no fim.

  6. Jessica Ruiz says

    I shared it

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    Hey tell us your background song name, thx.

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    Hell yeah, awesome job man 👏

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  18. Katkat Marie says

    keep it up

  19. Jose Cordonez says

    Great vid

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  21. exciting video.

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    This is an amazing video.

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    This is legendary

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    Please share your background song name thanks.

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    Great vid

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    Very nice.

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    Woahh good work dude 🙌


    I love you!

  39. DJ EUROPEO says

    This is your best video hahahah

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