best lesson in photography for beginners – entire course in one image

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a picture says a thousand words. this one says about 50 thousands, and entire course condensed in one image. print this chart, laminate it, have it in your pocket and look at it when you pull out your camera and try to learn to control it.
this is for beginners still trying to figure out the exposure triangle and what settings do what

My gear
Main video camera
Panasonic GH5

Lumic 12-35

Canon 6d secondary camera for photos

Best lens
Canon 24-70 F2.8

Rode Video Mic Pro

Lavalier mic

Studio lights

BTW – Author has been found: Daniel Peters

  1. Firebrand VOCALS says

    Probably one of the best photographer teachers on the web πŸ‘

  2. ann fox says

    Thank You…thank you…

  3. Essy Chilcutte says

    I love this image and i love your video I watched it before i got into photography a while back and it helped a lot. β™‘

  4. EJ Natividad says

    This video and picture you showed is very useful. This video is for those beginner who dont really understand their camera settings. Thankyou Christian Tudor. Great work. Keep it up πŸ‘

  5. Clayton Lutu says

    Wow!, You are the greatest and most humble presenter.I wish tutorials on any subject can be shared with a simple explanation to a point. great job! You should make this your career.

  6. Dunya Fun TV says

    Hamburger Fotospot Cheatcard is the link you can find the original copy of this lesson. Thanks

  7. mukesh verma says

    Nothing better than this for learning photography
    For better pics its better to learn this picπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. p chandu says

    nice vedio

  9. Patrick Meus says

    Great reminder,period.Thanks pale!

  10. Saoud Abbasi says

    One of the best video

  11. mohamed naser says

    How easy was that very simple and very useful

  12. Akpan David says

    This is good. But those this settings goes with other cameras like cannon and Nikon camera. Many thanks coach.

  13. Ishijah1 says


  14. Tony Catch says

    thanks for sharing this, thanks for making this video! really helpful πŸ˜€

  15. Brian Downey says

    Thanks for sharing. Great presentation!

  16. Kev Gump says

    Dude ! Ty.

  17. carlo cataneo says

    Dear Christian try a reserch on google like: diagram apertur speed iso in photography! check Immages and you will find even a better chart!! Thank you!! Have a Goog New Year…..

  18. Ivette Vargas says

    This is perfect I just got a Nikon d3500

  19. Marcel Smit says

    Thanks for you effort and the link above, this is probably the best and strongest visualisation of photography I have ever seen!! (I am teaching my wife to take pics with a dslr.. so…) πŸ™‚

  20. Study Teen25 says

    Omg was thank you so much I needed to find this THANK YOU SO MUCH

  21. Jose A C says

    Thank you

  22. Simon Kaukungwa Shilongo says

    Is there a relationship in all the four rows? do i have to select all four in one column or it doesnt matter? i am a beginner.

  23. Wondering Green Man says

    interesting stuff! Thank you for sharing!
    <– New Subscriber!

  24. Gautham Raj says

    Thank you

  25. betinaschmetina says

    I just got my mirroless camera and your video made me understand it.. I felt like I can handle my camera more effectively. Thanks! 😊

  26. Bikki Agarwal says

    Can't understand

  27. Jack Jones says

    Thanks Amazing lesson

  28. Nirmala Kumaresh says

    Thanks a million…. & you must know this – The no. of people that share this kind of info for everyone to use is small indeed! Very grateful……

  29. Beach Samurai says

    In Russia they share FB posts on youtube.

  30. Vilhelm H says

    From the blog site, updated: "Daniel Peter of Fotoblog Hamburg has created this free downloadable cheat sheet card for beginner photographers in easy to understand diagrams".

  31. madmax 1987 says

    Thank you..😊😊

  32. gallery51 says

    Best video and best explanation ever! Thank you!


    Thank you for this

  34. Thato Gaboitsiwe says

    Wow! Thank you!

  35. Channaelise Rich says

    Happy to find your video!

  36. rpsuresh2 Rp says

    sir. awesome. superbbbb

  37. Andrea Pinta says

    I've been struggling with the exposure triangle and trying to understand it's reciprocity and this is so very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Papy Choelo says

    Why would someone want to thump this video downπŸ€”

  39. eagle girl says

    Thank you!

  40. Raju Balla says

    Thanku very much sri

  41. RufusLeakin says

    Also, keep an eye on the light meter. When it's leaning left of right i's under or over-exposed, when it's in the center, that's about the right exposure.

  42. Music for film and TV says

    Very helpful. I'd say new cameras have much better ISO performance than noted on that chart though.

  43. what's up says

    Thank you.

  44. Steven Papa says

    great summary!! been looking for ages for a simple summary and you nailed it

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