Best Camera – Top 5 DSLR Cameras 2018

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Looking for the best camera, the best DSLR camera? Then you’ll want one of these top 5 excellent shooters. These 5 consistently rate high among both semi-pros and pros alike. They aren’t the cheapest cameras around, but for many the quality, features, and performance are worth it.

5 Pentax K-1
4 Nikon D500
3 Nikon D5
2 Canon EOS 5D Mk IV
1 Nikon D850

  1. Haris Firmansyah says

    I think the 1dx ii still the king of mirror 😊

  2. king vinz says

    Hey. Where is canon EOS 6d mark ii.? The best camera

  3. Ramu Surin says

    Mast how

  4. Sajjad Samejo says

    dslr mujhe chahny

  5. Hayley Rose Winters says

    Strong presentation. I only liked the photos that Canon takes, though!

  6. Hafiz Abdul Mannan says

    Is Ki Parais Ky Hs

  7. Nife AB says

    😓🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢its capacity and equal to a stone

  8. Daniel Cross says

    EOS 1DX!!

  9. San 19114 says

    where is canon eos 800d

  10. Mike Tayon says

    I'll stick to my Nikon D3400 (24.2MP APS-C Sensor!), it is perfect for a guy on a budget, but wants very good quality, and results! 🙂 (This is Jan 2019 and you can get the NEW D3400 Kit with TWO lenses for under $500 on eBay. The D3400 shines most/best (Aside from a stunning sensor!) in my opinion in Low light shooting, GREAT built in flash, and battery life! It feels good to hold too, fairly light actually, and has plenty of outside button controls for most photographers needs (faster access means faster shots, equals more money!)

  11. Our daddy buy that for our vllog

  12. Bart says

    Olá pessoal! Eu fiz uma vaquinha pra comprar minha primeira camera pois tenho sonho de ser fotografado um dia, mas ainda não tenho condições pra comprar. Então quem puder contribuir está aqui o link da vaquinha com sua ajuda meu sonho se tornará possível

  13. Ullas Shetty says

    Which is best canon eos 750 Vs canon eos 1300

  14. MKB says

    bhosrike nam to thik se likh le ,its d850

  15. sumit kambale says

    Nikon d40 acha he ki nhi

  16. Ankit gaming says

    which is better sony cybershot dsc h300 or nikon coolpix b500

  17. Sidheek Sabeelas says

    I used some canon but now, em using Sony's mirrorless camera … 😍

  18. Arnold Wings says

    canon 1dx mark rs400000

  19. Arnold Wings says

    nikon d850 price Rs290000 with kit

  20. silpa kumar says

    Canon worlds No.1

  21. tech viral says

    Which is the best camera in this video

  22. md aneik says


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    Nikon D40kaisa camera h

  25. Kibb Snowden says

    what happen dude to Sony ??? Duh

  26. 8D Tunes World says

    I own a channel for kids.. Currently I am shooting with my smart phone Oneplus 5T .. I am thinking of buying Canon 200D however DSLR does not have pause and restart button .. I want to improve on my video quality… You can suggest me something.. do check out my videos to below link and check image quality..

  27. Satya Upadhyay says

    Wow yar

  28. Ranjana Saanvi says

    Where is Sony ?

  29. DOST KA DOST HU says

    cannon. 5D

  30. Hussain Arjmandi says

    I love Nikon that absolutely the perfect one
    I have been using since 2015 but still is worth like the new one

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