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5 exclusive behind the scenes wedding day videos:

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My usual wedding day gear list:
Main Body:
Second Body:
Wide lens:
Alt wide lens:
Portrait lens:
Ceremony lens:
SD Memory cards:
Today I was using the 135mm Sigma, and Nikon 28mm F1.4. I’ve since switched back to my regular Tamron as a main lens.

Advanced wedding photography course:

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  1. Taylor Jackson says

    5 exclusive behind the scenes wedding day videos:

  2. Line Rakvåg Malones says

    Great video, thank you!

  3. Kyaw Than says

    Do you use any flashlight source and how to arrange it?

  4. mandyajel says

    Amazing thank you for this. A friend of mine has asked me to be her wedding photographer and I’ve never shot a wedding before so a little bit nervous. Haha. Watching this has given me a little confidence boost and made me relax a little more.

  5. Josh Dominguez says

    his guy is like a mix of mark zuckerberg and adam sandler

  6. asgonzalez85 says

    So no flash in any of these photos? The whole wedding was in day time? Do you ever have trouble with white balance? I had trouble at an event recently and I think maybe it was the fluorescent lighting that gave a terrible skin tone.

  7. asgonzalez85 says

    fantastic video… How can i give you a digital high five?

  8. Alex Valenzuela says

    Thats was a great video man. nice to see someone else workflow during a wedding.

  9. Chuck says

    love your voice lol

  10. Photo Lern says

    god blees you

  11. Photo Lern says

    thanks for your help man

  12. Stephen Brothers says

    I'm curious why you use the DX mode (crop in) in the moment vs just staying in full frame mode and then cropping in later in post. AFAIK, there's no difference in image quality either way and I would think the flexibility to later change your framing would be preferred but maybe there's something I'm missing.

  13. rhunie pepito says

    Wow great! Nice😍

  14. Anderson Agurto Chup says

    Me encantó!! Todo super interesante! Woooww

  15. Leigh Busby says

    What camera is this

  16. Leigh Busby says

    The shutter noise,lol

  17. Beauty-Fitness-Ideas-Tube says

    Great pictures

  18. winni223 says

    Thanks a lot, very useful and informative! (wait a moment, why does it remind me of DOOM II ?!! 🙂

  19. Sean G says

    This is such as awesome video, man! I have Q regarding the bridal shoot. You used the 135m instead of the 70-200mm. If you had used the 70-200mm, what focal length would you have set it on? Cheers!

  20. Scott Westerman says

    Nikon D90 or Sony A6000? And why

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