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Not gonna lie it was actually fun taking my senior photos hahah ANYWAYSSS thank you to @cadystudios for letting me film

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  1. Kayla Kosuga says

    If this comment gets 1k likes i'll post a back to school giveaway

  2. On the edge says

    I'm so white honestly.. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ What does Head ass mean @ 2:32 lol

  3. Samantha Hale says


  4. Animegirl18 says

    Hey Kayla, I’m also senior and class of 2019 we made it!!!

  5. IamAshantè Diane says


  6. IamAshantè Diane says

    He’s s blood lol 😂

  7. xoxoMYA says

    yall senior pictures are wayyy better than my school, i wish they let us have more say so

  8. Cheyne Carey says

    what’s the intro song?

  9. You look really goodddddd

  10. Nathalie Lopez says

    I’m supposed to be studying……butttt…Kayla posted sooooo….gotta watch it you know

  11. elisa Lujan says

    What the song name of ur intro

  12. Sofia Pellas says

    I am vv inspired always whenever u're vlogging! PLEASE VLOG MOREE!

  13. Soph Mcleod says

    I was watching this with my mum and when Kayla said that all the people that couldn’t support her can kiss her ass , my mum started saying this is inspiring and kept saying if anyone is giving u trouble just say kiss ma ass

    Lol acc dying

  14. Mixed Curls says

    Omg so I’m a junior and I just found out that I could graduate early so just yesterday they moved me up to senior year. I have to take my senior photos, pay senior dues, take SAT and ACT, apply for financial aid all of that stuff!! I’m going to dieee

  15. iidknanmollaa says

    Wow those cheekbones!! Pocahontas who?!😍😍

  16. Stop it says

    She copied Zendaya😻💀

  17. josephine a. says

    1:06 homeboy is a 🅱️lood

  18. Lily Dankin says

    -.- Girl, your gorgeous… wth ;-;

  19. Dion Production says

    Bhris a Blood

  20. genesis mora says

    Before this video there was an ad and said I’m a big kid now! Lmaooo💛

  21. Layla Rahimpour says

    “ooOh that’s a good one, i can smell it” I REPLAYED THAT PART SO MANY TIMES BAHAHA IM DYING

  22. Jen _29 says

    I'm gonna look so damn ratchet in my grad photos🤮…and Kayla over here slaying

  23. Danielle Ashley says

    Love your videos you're so hilarious

  24. Briana Stoddard says

    Yo did u say that girl was your mom?!?

  25. Marjorie Madison says

    OooooOOo that’s a good one I can smell it

  26. Micaella SJCA says

    Bris or whatever is a blood.

  27. leah pugh says

    What is your introduction song

  28. gxbby __33 says

    0:03 6:14 MICHAEL JACKSON ♥️♥️♥️😍😍🤧

  29. nhi says

    just took my senior portraits today and wish i looked at least HALF as good

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