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Look the best on picture day w/these hair & makeup life hack tips!
Back To School #MonicaMarathon:
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Hey I am Monica Church a 19 year old girl who loves makeup, fashion, beauty, and film! Put those all together and you have “hairodynamic”. On this channel I create hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, outfit ideas, back to school, and DIY videos- check them out!

Hey guys! Today I am showing you some Life Hack tips for picture day and the first day of school! Lets be real… picture day and the first week of school are the only days you actually care about the way you look all school year. It can be really hair to figure out what back to school makeup looks and back to school hairstyle ideas to do on the first day of school. These are some tips on how to look your best on picture day, and how to look good in photos. In this video I show you what makeup to use for back to school, and how to apply makeup for back to school and looking good in photos. I also show you some tips to make sure your hair stays perfectly in place, lasts all day long, and looks good in the photo. Another important life hack to looking great in photos is to make sure your teeth are white! I show you MrBlanc teeth whitening products and how to get white teeth at home. Lastly, I show you what to wear on picture day and the first day of school, what to avoid wearing and what looks best in photos! Be sure to tweet me your guys’ school pictures, I want to see them!

  1. Amal Guiga says

    mine is just TOMORROW…. im dying

  2. AnnaBear123 says

    2019 anyone?

  3. Foxy24576 Hassan says

    it's sad that i practice my poses and smiles

  4. How2Dooo oo says

    You look like sabre Norris and bailee Madison had a kid haha x (you’re gorgeous- I love them both)

  5. Juliana Frith says

    well at my school we cant wear make-up,we have a uniform, so i look like i just woke up on my picture day

  6. NotoriousNickname says

    If you're young, I suggest you don't wear contour. It can make you look dusty and oily.

  7. mg says

    every single one of these videos tells you to put makeup on in order to have pictures? what if you don’t wanna wear makeup? i’m kinda disappointed because i thought you would give us tips like “chin up” or “don’t smile to widely”

  8. Bridget E. says

    lol my problem is being in front of the camera. My smile looks horrific and more crooked than usual when I try to force a smile

  9. Alejah Griego says

    dang it i had a red and white striped shirt😂

  10. Marissa Buettner says

    Thanks for this video, I have pictures tomorrow. I want to be able to look back to my pictures when I'm older and not say, "that was a horrible picture."

  11. Marianne Thomas says

    I watched this the day my school photos were

  12. Alison Garcia says

    Mines tomorrow 😬

  13. Maria K says

    I have to wear a uniform and I can’t wear makeup ☹️

  14. sophia ferrari says

    blanc is pronounced blahnc not blank

  15. Rogerina Taylor says

    Also put your younger against your teeth so that your smile isn’t too toothy

  16. Itz Brianna Michelle says

    She looks like Bethany mota

  17. izzy. wizzy says

    what id i dont have photo finish stuff what do i do

  18. kay bye says

    We can't wear blue white and black for picture day😭

  19. Reflecting Mirra says

    I love watching these types of vids! I just posted a photo Day Makeup Look on my channel 💖

  20. Lucia Angileri says

    Waaa I wore a striped black and Whit shirt

  21. Jay Martinez says

    You're picture was better than your twins 😂

  22. mia rosaliaa says

    Everyday is picture day for meeee

  23. Yusra Xo says

    It’s 2017 and nearly 2018 and people still buy pictures in my school I dunno about anyone else?😂💗

  24. Nasra Qorane says

    Omg I thought u were shelby

  25. kelsey slimes says

    my picture day is tomorrow wish me luck

  26. Katherine Hopkins says

    People don't buy them anymore

  27. Simply Brooke says

    "to busy and takes away from your face" Me: "ok perfect ill wear that tomorrow"

  28. mackenzie elise says

    i have picture day on monday but i have cheer tryouts in the morning so rip me🙄

  29. sophiamarie101 says


  30. Okay Cay-Cay says

    my picture day is tomorrow at my new mid school…wish me luck!!!

  31. ISpamAllday says

    Picture day is tommorow I'm sick and I'm breaking out hella

  32. BeLby Belby says

    Me 2 weeks Before picture day 💁🏽💅🏽💋💄👗 AKA shopping And doing my make up the day of picture day – ya know ill just stick with the sweats

  33. leiana says

    Who else doesn't have problems with makeup or hair or anything like that but just their smile😂

  34. ii Xo says

    that thumbnail tho

  35. Samantha Misenhimer says

    What about a white tshirt?

  36. nyah Pittman says

    I wouldn't wear highlighter for picture day… it makes your skin look oily instead of "glowy" or "bright"

  37. Ava McIntyre says

    2:16 I like the before pictures better

  38. Joy Alale says

    You look so much like a youtuber I know, her name is Shelby church

  39. Kenzie French says

    The weird thing is I'm watching this in summer…

  40. Katjuša Pavlin says

    i have it on monday

  41. Dhara Sinhal says

    when you arent allowed make-up at school

  42. Jessica L says

    I have photo day tomorrow😭😭

  43. Antonia Af Hällström says

    0:13 Shelbys bangs are kinda cute.

  44. CatMcCoy Gamer says

    My curls still fell

  45. danica dawn says

    I always look so HORRID on picture day. That one little flyaway in my hair that sticks straight up every picture 😩😫

  46. jaebutt says

    When your math teacher tells you that you have senior picture day in month and it's usually in April and you need to look flawless because those pictures are later posted around the city

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