1. Jeff Tight says

    It's a great tutorial, but a lot of repetition for those of us looking for a comparison of 17 to 18. Looks like there's not much difference.

  2. B T says

    This plug-in is worth its weight in gold! For what it does, the price is ridiculously low. Even if you edit portraits once in a while, it is worth getting it.

  3. Ken Cox says

    oh forgot to ask would you know what the difference is between portrait studio and Max as both have batch mode one has full batch mode both no description showing the difference? Lastly you mention another tutorial covering layers I can not find a link for this?

  4. Ken Cox says

    thats a real good into you have sold it to me 🙂 I found the eyes looked a bit egg white and over done but I guess thats personal taste. can I ask does it change the hear colour or add in textures of someone else's hair? If you have an affiliate link by the I will by from your link

  5. Lori Pierce says

    Thanks Marcus

  6. Lori Pierce says

    Just started watching your titorials on ProtraitPro, amazing. I'm trying to decide if I want to put my hard earned money into this program. You make it look so easy. Thank you. Do you give private lessons? If you would do that look for me on facebook lori pirece

  7. BOSCO th3 says

    I like your channel😁

  8. Thelma Kelly says

    Excellent video! Marcus, when during the workflow is Portrait Pro incorporated? I'm a Lightroom and PS user, so how much editing should go into an image before using Portrait Pro? Thank you!

  9. Somerandom Person says

    Is the batch feature of Studio Max really worth the extra?

  10. Nic Kuvshinoff says

    Excellent tutorial! Cuts right to the chase no time-consuming filler just good information.

  11. Don Gerra Marco says

    i already purchased Photoshop subscriptions . does v 18 have the plugin to PScc 2019

  12. José H Fatia da Silva says

    Great! Thank you for this video, it is very well explained

  13. PVazMusic says

    Amazing video!!! Thank you so much!!!

  14. Corey Carter says

    Thanks Marcus. Excellent overview.

  15. Marshall Mullen says

    Very informative…thank you!

  16. Wayne Saxton says

    Thanks Marcus, very helpful! I have always been a lightroom and photoshop user, this truly speeds up my editing.

  17. Edgar Wetzel says

    Very useful tutorial Marcus! Thanks!

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