4th Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – Do They Actually Work?

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Using a 4th axis gimbal stabilizer, do they actually work to smooth out your walking motion? Using the DIGITALFOTO Ares Z Axis Spring Dual Handle with the Ronin S we review and show test footage. Using a gimbal stabilizer for the z axis or 4th axis is something I’ve been curious about for a long time and wondering how well they work, so we got out there and tested it out! The Ares Z Axis Spring Dual Handle works best with the Ronins S and Crane 2, but using an adapter it can work okay with the Crane Plus, Crane V2 and Moza Air.

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*Disclaimer I forgot to mention in the video-The guys at DigitalFoto were nice enough to send me the Ares Dual Handles for review, but they did not pay me to say anything, these are strictly the opinions of myself.

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  1. oODarkTinTOo says

    Got ours with the Ronin S combo. It is fantastic for tracking movement shots and at the very least spreads the weight of the gimble far more evenly than holding onto it like a monopod. Over time, it prevents fatique setting in especially with the Ronin S and it's added weight. Good solid metal construction and light with the option of the 2 screw mounts, 1 on each arm, you can't go wrong 🙂

  2. jGregory Films says

    I've been using the ikan Flex Dual Handle Stabilizer for over a year now and the only difference is that the ikan screws into the bottom instead of sliding around the collar. and yeah no access to all the other features while using these 4th/5th axis gimbals. using 2 hands with reduce fatigue. I do find them useful for heavier set ups. use the crane 2 with a c100.
    good video. thanks

  3. DigitalFoto Solution says

    good job

  4. Tom Lens says

    What do you think is the better working 4th Axis Gimbal of DF? The DH04 or the Ares? The Dh04 is made of plastic so I would prefer the Ares. But on some videos I get the impression that the DH04 is doing a better job. Which one do you recommend. Thx for reply.

  5. TheRelihunter says

    Its not tht good.. if you look at the running shots and look at the wall you see the bounce bob effect. Obvouisly looking at the running guy will not see bob effect for the guy is already running himself thus up and down on the result is compensated for. If the runner was walking and the videoman was running than it would be visible.

  6. Mimo Reque says

    IMHO, looks like both shots, with/without are pretty usable, but you may save a little time in post for some of the more dynamic shots….

  7. Phoenix Music says

    I have always wanted a gimbal but, they ain't cheap. Any suggestions anybody?

  8. Marcos Rocha says

    This was awesome! I have the Crane v2 and I would like to get some handles for it. However, I have a ton of gear on my wish list, so I have to wait =)

  9. prasad choori says

    Good video bro

  10. Myles Turpie says


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