Shoot Amazing Wedding Photos in Terrible Locations with Susan Stripling

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Susan Stripling captures dramatic, beautiful wedding photographs in the most mundane places. In this clip from her creativeLIVE course, 30 Days of Wedding Photography, Stripling reveals her secrets for capturing memorable photographs in otherwise forgettable places.

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  1. praveen sharma says


  2. mikew9788 says

    Just say no to Dutch angle

  3. mikew9788 says

    Exit sign definitly should have been removed, very lazy, ring shot just sucked.

  4. AJ Hubbell says

    Thank you.

  5. punkfish495 says

    i really agree here. i shot a wedding and the reception was in the smallest pub. with 30-40 people crammed in around a buffet table with the cake. but i still got a good cake shot despite people sitting behind it. I wanted to take the ring shots but had no room what so ever! thought how am i going to pull this off…. well i saw the dj setting up. the table he was setting up on was directly under the bar in the corner of the room. so i chose the corner of the table. i sat on the floor people were standing over me with drinks and if i kneeled i wouldve hit my head on the bar thats how boxed in i was. with just my flash gun, a piece of fabric and another prop (i struggled to get them out my bag at that) i took the shot on the corner of the dj table with just a few inches of room on the corner. its one of my best ring shots!

    The same wedding i had the bride and groom stand outside in the cold in the parking lot as there was a nearby firework display. there was a house behind them and the firworks were going off. i waited until they were higher and got the shot. its one of their favourite shots even though it was just in the parking lot!

    not an ideal location by any means what so ever but this photographer is right with what shes saying. if you look around and see whats around you, you can indeed make some amazing photos from the worst locations. Amazing video!

  6. A. says

    Everyone here complaining need to understand that her tone is not of arrogance. It is to get it into your heads that a great photographer can produce amazing results anywhere. Let’s say your shooting at a beautiful outdoor venue. Then it starts to rain and the bride doesn’t want to get wet so she wants the shoot indoors. You have to adapt. Rather than freaking out, you the wedding photographer produce amazing images no matter where you are. She’s emphasizing it to get it into your head that it’s not difficult.

  7. Lauren Wilson says

    what she's basically saying is Find beauty in everything!…that's what I try to do In my picture's!

  8. Denny Daniel says

    She is so humble 😜

  9. Mohammad alee says

    so the title says "Shoot Amazing Wedding Photos in Terrible Locations with Susan Stripling" well anyone can tell well this place sucks but I got great shot here…..oh yeah how? I don't think any artist should be this ignorant

  10. jose charo says

    She has resting B face.

  11. Anastasia Trofimova says


  12. creativevision says

    I understand what her point is, but all the locations that she says aren't that nice, are actually pretty nice. Yes a nice green field of the side of the road is a very nice spot. There's a lot of areas off the side of the road that look awful and have trash everywhere. I wonder what she considers to be nice. I don't see any photos from a Wal-Mart parking lot in a poor neighborhood lol

  13. Ali says

    haha, loved the champaign shot, gotta try it next time

  14. 80386 says

    She always dresses like a teenager.

  15. masuria sudjana says

    video and photos are amazing. but her voice and tone is annoying af.

  16. Owen Groundhog says

    this. is. amazing! 😀 thanks a lot

  17. Jan Fialkowski says

    ~ God bless this lady. She is sharing her design ideas. Her work is different, and of course she will get all the wanted shots of the wedding, but her creative design work will make her photo shoot that little bit different. In a competitive market place, she is giving her clients something special. Appreciate that. Well done young woman, from an old photographer who studied photography at Art School way back in 1965-1969 .. 50 years of photography, and still learning something new each day .. Thank you ..  🙂

  18. Lourdes Valentin says

    You are awesome thanks for sharing. I totally agree with you!

  19. Bpjames says

    typical situations that we all encounter, but the images with people don't reflect most photographers average wedding couples. I would like to see more unattractive, normal (possibly overweight, but not plus size models) people in these typical, unattractive locations. Still an inspiring video though, I'm shooting tomorrow in a very unattractive church with a normal, but slightly overweight couple and I will be looking for the good light!

  20. blackilluzionz says

    Shooting in an ugly location? Leave the 24-70 home and just use a 70-200. Basically what she is showing. A wedding is more than just tight shots.

  21. jhon gris says

    It is easy with models, but in a real situation is different …..!

  22. mkvids100 says

    Wonderfully creative

  23. Vanessa Bryson says

    she's really arrogant sounding :/ maybe she needs to work on her tone of voice as she has AMAZINGGG points and her work..SWOON but my godddd I felt like I was in a head teachers office being shouted at the whole video :S yeesh!

  24. Alex says

    Why does she sound like she's 14?
    She makes a good point but with ok pictures from good locations compared to a lot of stuff i see wedding people work in.
    I couldnt listen to her for more than this short clip and from what i see in the audience, i might not be the only one.

  25. RichardFord says

    i thought she was mad… I have been in the business for 14 years now and at one point i thought i was the ONE like Neo from the matrix. But then i got slapped off my high horse it humbled me. My wife told me she said you are just a photographer not everyone knows who you are. Shoot i don't think anyone knew who i was. I got over my self real fast now i love weddings marriage and couples in love thats what i do i get those moments that will be with them forever. Said all that to say this don't listen to people who think they are the ONE they are hiding behind a smoke screen. I am not talking just about this video i see them all  the time on youtube and on photographers website. Don't buy into the hype!

  26. Veronica Beavers says

    What about a tiny bathroom that is dirty with all the bridesmaid in it and bride? what if the bride is getting ready at home in her bedroom and the bedroom is tiny? you are still addressing what I consider nice venues not the low budget bride setting.

  27. Natalie Brenner says

    She sounds super bitchy. This content could have been delivered in a more positive manor.

  28. CreativeLive says

    Shoot amazing weddings in terrible locations with this clip from Susan Stripling.

  29. Dwayjne Schmidt says

    she does a great job, gets to the point and her work is wonderful

  30. Paperlungz14 says

    Everybody is giving her a tough time and I think all her presentations have been exceptional.

  31. HellvisDeathly says

    oh yeah, that is exactly the kind of Picture, i want to have in my wedding album, "and here is the bride running, toward the exit" 😉

  32. funincluded says

    Only the first photo was in a tough venue, the rest were not.

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