1. ChaChaDiaries says

    u just a made a ton of useable image and did not even move from your first location at the beach more that i can make one useable image of me shooting all day lol. great tutorial

  2. r9nd0m says


  3. Mario B. says

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  4. Erica Zhao says

    Your video it's so honest about the process ! I am so grateful!
    I wish you can explain more about the detail of your couse, cause as for $100, it would be helpful if you can list all the details of the course like length chapter etc

  5. musyaifi abdillah says

    I like the way he talked and explained, it is pretty rare to think simple like emil did.

  6. Rajdeep Shaw says

    What about reflections in dark condition ….such as evening time?….

  7. DutchAussieProductions says

    Thanks Emil. After seeing the first of your videos you had me hooked. Your videos about iPhone Photography are the best I have seen. What is that white cable connected to your iPhone connected to on the other end? Are you recording to some device?

  8. Adolfo Usier says

    You've got a new subscriber👏🏻

  9. Sushil Raverkar says

    Thank you so much for great ideas😍!!

  10. Moner Dumato says

    Wow! I learned so much👍🏻 thanks!!!

  11. EM ARt says

    Thank you very much for the tutorial, its very helpful for me

  12. Syahir Azmi says

    Very easy to understand! Great photography teacher.salute

  13. Great tutorial as always. Do you think it’s possible to see your IPhone images online or do you think the resolution/megapixel/quality wouldn’t hold up if someone wanted to print it?

  14. A Murphy says

    Oh I love your tips. I do a lot of watercolor paintings and am always looking for creative ways to use my new iPhone. Thank you so much

  15. 2017 Jeep wave says

    This has the best video series I’ve found for iPhone photography. Can’t wait to try out some of these tips. I always wanted to shoot amazing photos with my iPhone. I have the latest iPhone XS Max so I don’t want to waste an opportunity to explore what this phone can do. Thanks for sharing your tips. Your videos are amazing..

  16. Shakeel G says

    Excellent video tutorial. I want to take better photos of my environment and my travels with my smartphone. Keep up the great work!

  17. Ricardo Araujo says

    Congrats, man! Your videos are so great and teach us much about photos on Iphone. I became a huge fan of your channel, thanks for sharing!

  18. Sanjay Bhatia says

    Fantastic teaching. So easy to understand. Thanks very much for sharing.

  19. Yamphsuk Akapon says

    You are the great

  20. Yamphsuk Akapon says

    Great tips

  21. Cezar Cerbam says

    Thank you very much for those precious tips!

  22. Gabriel Anaya Roque says

    Excellent ideas, I do not have an iphone but I will try my motorola, greetings

  23. Maria Humblet says


  24. Deborah North says

    Thank you for a great video. Keep up the great work. Beautiful images!!

  25. Gexter Abad says

    Hi Emil, may i know what type of video camera did you use on this episode? Thanks

  26. Luke Asentista says

    Lovin' each and every vlog 💪

  27. Neil dias says

    Woah i love this! Thankyou so much !

  28. totallyfrozen says

    Emil, I noticed that you made many of your reflection photos in black & white rather than color. Do you find the B & W works better for reflections?

  29. Gurler Türker says

    tips are very useful but just an opinion that there are some process after taking photo in editing programs

  30. yehmiyah says

    🙂 …..

  31. Alicia TangoTweety says

    You are such a good teacher!

  32. Alexandre Silva says

    you are the best

  33. Thabsheer Binu says


  34. Abdur Raheem says

    Big thumb up for your work.👍👏

  35. Alpha Echo says

    Dont ever put iphone on your title,,we hate iphone

  36. Carlos Henrique Castro says

    congratulations, excellent video. What about the tele photo with iphone?

  37. Karen Holland says

    Thanks for the great tips. Reflections and people, my two favourite photography subjects!

  38. Deborah Johansen says

    Thank you for sharing. Learnt quite a lot. Love your videos.

  39. gary logan says

    I watched this video yesterday afternoon, had a chance to use the techniques at the beach in the evening, and the results were phenomenal. Thank you for these simply explained and well illustrated techniques!

  40. SHADOW LIVING says

    3 days ago I subbed your channel. In those three days I've learned more about iPhone photography than in the past year! Most excellent videos. Thank you.

  41. Papon Banerjee says

    You r my boss
    It is true that i was gone through so many tutorials but you r really great, you tech me so easily.

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