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This episode begins our mini-series on composition techniques. In this video series, I’m going to take a compositional technique and explore it. In addition we will look at images that exploit the technique and finally I’ll leave you with an assignment exercise so you can start to work the technique being discussed into your own work.

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Create 5 different images experimenting with different aspects of line. Try to make these as minimal as possible to really bring out the emphasis on using line. You’re going to create 5 different images using:

1) Vertical Lines
2) Horizontal Lines
3) Diagonal Lines
4) Organic Lines
5) Implied Lines

The implied will likely be the most difficult and the one that will take the most thought. I recommend you work with people as this will be the most obvious, but if you want to up the difficulty a little, try using still objects.

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  1. BluBerry537 says

    This is gold!

  2. Landscope 360 says

    "Literally implied"? 😀

  3. Prabhakar Rekapalli says

    Am I the only one who noticed that at 9:36, he called a vertical line a horizontal?

  4. Stanley Okazaki says

    Good shit Ted

  5. flirtingdisaster says

    Sugimotos Waterhorizon has also a dynamic in it because of the diagonal flaoting waves. That really makes the difference.
    Everybody has done pictures standing at the waterfront, the waves coming to the beach – no dynamic unless there are spectacular big waves. But this way the horizon makes the calmnes, but the waves make the difference.

  6. Nancy Bonilla says

    i know im years late but this was SUPER helpful so thank you!

  7. Pepe Guitarra says

    Good video.

  8. Pepe Guitarra says

    Can you explain what ORGANIC means when referring to the lines?

  9. Leefresh Paul says

    awesome…. 영어를 못하는게 아쉽네요…

  10. LOOSE uNIT says

    I love you Ted

  11. keith basham says

    I appreciate everything you do!

  12. Fincher Braandhan says

    You are the best

  13. district5rookie says

    I'm confused about what you're calling "implied lines" because most of them were actual lines.

  14. King Lear says

    I'm finding these compositional talks very helpful indeed and I genuinely hope to make serious use of them. Thank you for doing these.

  15. Arthur Frayn says

    Best photography channel on youtube.

  16. Indrit Skëndaj says

    Great video, like all your other videos!
    Can someone help me with the name of the photographer he mention at 05:17? Thanks in advance!

  17. Johan Sveide says

    Great videos!

  18. Lucia Strougo says

    Thank you

  19. charlieishungry says

    As a true beginner, I have learnt soooo much in the past few hours of watching your videos. You have an amazing knack for showing a complete picture of the "picture". Really appreciate your dedication to teaching about history and why things are done a certain way. Happy to subscribe.

  20. Bogdan M says

    If i would post, today, a sea and a white sky, and only that, people would spit on me an call me names…

  21. Bear Hawk says

    That was a lot in one video! My head hurts.

  22. littlebuddha girl says

    I really do enjoy your videos so much

  23. Reita Randolph says

    Wonderful information

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