Wedding Photography with Award Winning Sanjay Jogia

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With 30 SWPP and 31 WPPI awards to his name, Sanjay is one of world’s most decorated wedding photographers. Known for his balance of posed and unposed images that are bursting with emotion and charm. Named one of the 6 Best Wedding Photographer in the world by ‘Professional Photographer Magazine’

Award winning wedding photographer Sanjay Jogia will be live in the studio on April 24th at 12:30pm, to discuss his career in wedding photography, giving tips and tricks on dealing with the pressure of capturing the best shot on a wedding day. Along with his work with Canon, he will be here to answer all your guys questions so don’t miss it!

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  1. Nico Wong says

    Very nice pic

  2. Fleur Jackson says

    Great video. Thanks for taking the time to prepare and share that 👍🏻

  3. Dean Harrington says

    Great shots … marvelous photographer!

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