1. Ed Caspersen says

    This is the kind of photography videos I want to see on YT! I'll be in Yellowstone in a week!!!

  2. Markus Hoeckner says

    how many different jackets do you own?????

  3. Geoffrey Tipton says

    @tipton_wildlife Just did a week in yellowstone and JH. Got home sunday and have some wildlife pics up on my instagram. I would love some critique

  4. John Drummond says

    I bet there's an undercover market for Black Bear bow-chicka-wow-wow… The EXIF for the stills sequence omitted the lens length, which would be helpful. Thanks.

  5. Brent Cizek says

    I really should reschedule my trip next year to the week before that couple mile stretch of road opens. It'd be nice to be with some bears without a constant flow of traffic. Great content as usual, Steve. Always the best intros.

  6. ELTIN JONES says

    What can I say? 😂👍

  7. Steve Robinson says

    Did you miss the osprey nesting in the Lamar Canyon?

  8. Sam Casale Photography says

    Great Stuff Steve. With what range (telephoto) were you capturing most of the wildlife ? I'm planning a trip to Yellowstone.

  9. Matt Leatherbury says

    So crazy how much snow is still around! While im here in florida burning to death haha. Great vid man.

  10. Pee Kee says

    Living vicariously through you since I can't be in Yellowstone this year. Thanks for sharing the awesome footage! Do you camp inside your car in the park?

  11. Patricia Wilhelm says

    MAY 4-13 was here oh my the photos i got! it was great NO CROWD – NO DRIVING IDOITS just a few peeps it was great – bears in LAMAR big time.

  12. Zaber Ansary says

    Been watching every video since 1.5k.
    Congrats on 10k Steve . Here to more.

  13. Jeff Nielsen says

    They should do something about all that fog along the road. It looks like a safety hazard. And I sure am curious about that stove/pot setup.

  14. Jeff Wilson says

    New vehicle? Nice video.

  15. Noealz Photo says

    ive never seen a bear in real life, aint it kinda dangerous

  16. DT-Classics says

    Thanks for these impressions, Steve! You´re living next to paradise…
    Best regards, Dirk from dt-classics.de

  17. Paul Purser says

    I tried to watch your video. The footage was okay, but the music was awful.

  18. Tosh Bodily says

    This video made my day . I saw the notification earlier on my phone that you had a new video out, but hadn't had time to watch it since I was at work. My cousin(Mark) texted me a bit later and said you had mentioned us in your video. Way cool! Thanks, and keep making great videos 🙂

  19. Laurie Lavallee says

    That calf made me a bit nervous running so far from safety. I’m sure you have seen the video about the wolves impact on the rivers in Yellowstone. Amazing!

  20. Jim Armstrong says

    Coffee and oatmeal……that’s your video?

  21. Mark Attardo says

    I see spring was in the air.😂 Awesome adventure masterfully packaged for us to enjoy. Great images too. I think the levitating bear was my favorite for the smile factor.
    I have a very important question. How long does it take to make a cup of coffee like that? On a related note, seeing your camping setup has given me a couple of ideas.👍

  22. Thomas Kolceski says

    Thanks for sharing Steve! Great photos and video the bears were way cool.

  23. Manuel Estacio says

    Great video Steve! I've always enjoyed your work. I like the set up in your vehicle, I do the same thing when I'm travelling for photography. In Yellowstone, do you go to the campgrounds or can you just find a spot anywhere to sleep for the night? Some parks require you to stay in campgrounds or stay in the lodge/hotel. I'd like to drive down to Yellowstone this summer/fall. I'm from Vancouver, BC. Cheers!

  24. Photobrit56 says

    Great content as always Steve thanks for sharing 🇬🇧🇨🇦🇬🇧

  25. RobertD9461 says

    Steve, in this group of photos, I'm liking the Infrared the best. The shots are all great, but they're the ones that stand out the most to me. Great work! Robert OKC

    After having taken a !/2 day class with Steve in the Grand Tetons, I felt it was well worth the money spent. Not only did he give me some insights to what will help my photography better, he took me places to go back to before I came back to Oklahoma. So, if you're headed up to the Jackson, WY area and have the time, book a class with Steve, and he'll help you step up your skills in the area of photography. Go for it, what's to lose?

  26. David Dowling says

    Gotta try the old pull the ear move.

  27. MatthewShashy says

    AHHHH so nice to watch a video of yours…. Must be nice to wake up to a little bit of snow and 15 degrees. Unfortunately I woke up to mid 80's and a high of 97. Sucks to be in florida 🙂

  28. Frank Sepulveda says

    Steve X, the wildlife porn artiste… Had to have a cigarette after watching the vlog, and I don't smoke.

  29. Bill Joel says

    When did you film this…early spring?

  30. BR Cook says

    Top Notch

  31. Steve Crotty says

    That was YOU I saw filming the frolicking bison calves as I drove by. Darn now I wished I had stopped and said hi again after meeting you in the Tetons the eek prior so I could tell you about the great Grey I photographed in the Tetons (up past Colter) the Saturday after we met.

  32. mike crowley says

    Nice video and photos again Steve 👍🏼

  33. Roger Broström says

    One extra like 👍 for the music 😄

  34. San Juan Mountain Bob says

    Steve, you are not only an accomplished photographer but a dang good videographer as well. Fantastic video – loved it! Thanks for sharin!

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