New iPhone Camera Feature: Take Incredible Portrait Photos

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Watch this iPhone photography tutorial to discover how to use the new iPhone camera feature to take incredible portraits where your subjects will always look great.

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  1. Catherine Marais says

    Please could you tell me how to do the following:  If I want to change an existing photo; who do I make the modifications and save it as a copy as well as keep the original copy?

  2. Diane Geary says

    She’s absolutely beautiful

  3. Noel Simmons says

    Is he the BEST or what! So informative and presented in such an easy-to-understand style!!

  4. Linda Arroz says

    I just wanted to drop by and tell you I learned so much from taking the course. You have a great method for showing us how to use the features. I took your course before I went to Cuba in 2017.

  5. chic hansen says

    Great advice and such a beautiful family!

  6. MaxPaws says

    This depth feature isn’t available on iPhone X?!!

  7. Jan Germann says

    I learned so much from the iPhone Academy Course. I'm going to sign up for the editing course as my brother took it and he says he learned so much more about editing techniques. These videos are great reviews and provide additional information on taking better and best photos!!

  8. Kiyui Kin says

    He speaks so calmly. GOALS.

  9. Mo Sev says

    I just bought the iphone XR. For portrait , I only have Natural, Studio and contour light. Can the stage light be added?

  10. Club 80’ says

    I love your video , can you speak a bit faster , 🙏

  11. Dave Pearce says

    Whilst not specific to iPhone’s, I’m glad you pointed out about getting down low. I see so many people taking shots of their kids standing up and cant understand why they do it.

  12. Aruna. A says

    This was informative.. I wasn’t even aware my iPhone XS had so many options to click a portrait mode

  13. Snehal Saraiya says

    Any apps or work around with getting the portrait effect with iPhone 8?

  14. Thảo Nguyễn Life Channel says

    Video so nice….thanks…your wife and baby very beautiful ❤️

  15. Harshil Parmar says

    Try FOCOS app for the problem with background blur imperfections.
    I use it very often and you can adjust the depth even in iPhone X using that app. 💯

  16. Eduardo Muñoz says

    I was looking for a good tutorial on iPhone portrait mode and none of those i found are good like this one. 👌🏻

  17. King Kings says

    i phe l♡vers like here 🍏🍎

  18. Rupesh Lathi says

    Depth control is available for I pone x

  19. Pedro Alves says

    Pro camera app also adjust background blur to . 😉and focos to .

  20. sandip bhandari says

    I’ve iPhone 6 plus so how can take better photos from this iPhone!!?

  21. patricia schenk says

    what an adorable baby!

  22. Dg Visual says

    Emily, qué bebé más hermosa!!! 😻

  23. jhon g says

    I really learned alot from you. Thank you for making informative videos.

  24. Mohamed Bassia says

    you are the iphone photography's master, respect

  25. Brahim Branis says

    Thank you so much, helpful video and thumps up ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

  26. Manny Perez says

    Every time I watch one of your videos, I really learn an awful lot.

  27. DF Studios says

    Tip: If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X, download focos to adjust the depth aperture (background blur)

  28. Silent Vlog says

    What about 8+

  29. Lil Zay says


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