Live Studio Photography – Behind the Scenes #3: Shannon @shan.lorraine

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My entire kit of gear :

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Hey guys today we are photographing Shannon (@shan.lorraine) in studio. I’m by myself today with no producer so I will probably leave it on the wide angle above the studio for the most part.

Gear used in this video:
Godox AD600 Pro (Flashpoint Xplor 600 Pro)
Godox Extension Head
Glow EZ Lock 60″ Octa Quick
Glow EZ Lock 42″ Beauty Dish
(i misspoke and said this was the 34″ during live stream)
Glow EZ Lock 12×56″ strip box

I’m using the Sony A7RIII tethered into my macbook. You can find all my lenses on the kit link at the top of the description.

  1. Todd Hively says

    Do more of these, this was well worth watching. Really liked seeing the setup and the resulting photo in the split screen. You explaining as you go what effects you were trying to get was very helpful. Thanks!

  2. Jason Bodden says

    That pose at 1:16:46 is everything!

  3. Jason Bodden says

    When you asked what song was playing it was "Free Will" by Rush lol. Your playlist for this shoot was killer. Great vid. Loved seeing this from start to finish.

  4. lesstat2012 says

    Hey rob , as usal great video 👏
    Please i wanted to ask you can a ad400 pro overpower the sun on a very bright day ? Or do i need an ad600 ?

  5. imeFulO 49ersClub says

    Awesome, Rob. Awesome set up, model, etc.

    And to add to that, I find this to be by far your best BTS live stream. Very inspiring.

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