1. Anniya Williams says

    She has no fashion in she did not just put dat short zebra print dress in her bag dwat is totally ugly

  2. Helene Sellereite says

    I think it is something U can turn on in the gelato place on the mall😋

  3. pandalover376 _ says

    Have you guys noticed that every time she goes to the mall Landon starts following her

  4. Sierra Garabed says

    stupid uk dude! 

  5. Pockadotboss5 says

    That dude photo bombed us!!!

  6. Pockadotboss5 says

    If you want to be on prom committee
    You have to wear only couture clothes to impress her

  7. Jamie Gammon says

    "Yes, Christmas carols. let's move on in life." XD

  8. Goth says

    You should of gotten everything out of every store even if it was ugly, 'cause hey! Free clothes! It's not like he actually cares about money anyway xD

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