Bridal Party & Bride Walk Down The Aisle at Hernder Estate Wines | Toronto Wedding Videography

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Bridal Party & Bride Walk Down The Aisle at Hernder Estate Wines | Toronto Wedding Videography. The video was recorded by the videographer and photographer of Forever Video. For more wedding and event video and photo samples, please visit Tel: 416-519-8433, 647-500-0898, E-mail: [email protected] Forever Video provides experienced wedding videography & photography for weddings, sweet sixteen birthday parties, bar / bat mitzvah, baptisms, anniversaries, commercial, corporate events, and all events at affordable prices in GTA, New York City, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and worldwide. Our wedding videographer and photographer will provide a high level of video and photo production services for you.

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Elegant Bridal Party & Bride Walk Down The Aisle A Wedding Ceremony At Hernder Estate Wines St. Catharines Ontario Videography Videographer Studio GTA.

  1. La familia Rosario PXR says

    My wedding is in a garden at ParadiseBanquetHall june 2019 Thats the song I choose to walk down the aisle beautiful video Me and my fiancé are very emotional 😭😩😩🤵👰

  2. Lisse Diaz says

    I have no idea how I'm going to contain myself from crying when I walk down the aisle😭 lol. The feels!!!

  3. Erika Bow says

    this made my cry – so beautiful!

  4. anil Ekka says


  5. Top comment here!

  6. Christina Lange says

    the wind made me nervous XD

  7. Valerie Kinder says

    I cried I don't even know these people lol ugh 😫

  8. Gloria Salazar says

    what's the song called that the bridesmaids were walking too?

  9. amanda ortiz says

    ps i had the same song for my wedding day July 25 2015

  10. Zen Mama says

    i would be that bridesmaid baby deer legging down the aisle lol

  11. Sarah Blackwell says

    Damn it was windy! Beautiful though 🙂

  12. brittany young says

    I almost cried that was so beailtiful

  13. Angela Pariseau says


  14. stacey tecpile says

    song so beautiful😭😭😭

  15. O W says

    that deff made me tear up

  16. sarah flatley says

    I love outside weddings I'm a catholic though so I will have mine in a church but ur I wasn't I would have mine outside I think they are so beautiful

  17. amanda ortiz says

    some of the bridesmaids dresses are to short and shows to much for a wedding bride is pretty though

  18. navychick88 says

    @Mark – Ode to Joy is the "drink milk, love life" theme. The first song is definitely Canon in D.

  19. Elegant Bridal Party & Bride Walk Down The Aisle at Hernder Estate Wines St. Catharines Ontario

  20. mariobeans says

    your lameness is inappropriate and annoying

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