3 Week Newborn Photography Session in Studio with Ana Brandt

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In this video, award winning Orange County photographer, Ana Brandt, shows us the behind the scenes action of a newborn baby photo shoot.

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  1. connie s says


  2. ninja tiger says

    Poveri bambini, perversione dei genitori e fotografi, diventano OGGETTI, pupazzi nelle mani degli adulti!!!

  3. you are great ana!!

  4. Andrew Morale says

    Love it

  5. Ardeep Das says

    Hi .. loved your video. I make makeup videos …. can you suggest some camera settings for achieving soft skin tones.


    good job.

  7. bienveqe says

    oh ! that sesion was awesome ! that father knew to take control ! hahaha and he did a great job ! i love your work Ana, and thank to share it with us !

  8. scrubrnmom1 says

    where did you get the little crown you used?

  9. Talita Sousa says


  10. Vinicio Acosta says

    Ana your work is super inspiring! I really love to watch your videos.Leas I have a question.Do you use manual focus or auto focus and in what part of the subject do you focus tu keep everything sharp?
    Thanks Ana.

  11. Oswaldo Torres Londoño says

    I love your photos you are amazing.

  12. Trish Thomas says

    Anna , love your work! I had a try last week, but my whites came out grey. any advice?

  13. Victoria Kemp says

    That momma is gorgeous and the daddy had me smiling ear to ear. Great video Ana.

  14. Victoria Kemp says

    I am wondering if you have any tips for the 3 week old babies. They are much more alert than the under 2 week babies. I am photographing one Monday.

  15. Kelly Griver says

    awesome video Ana 🙂 wondering what's the size of the gray background (used on the couple) and where did you buy them? thanks !!

  16. Jamyia Hudson says

    i love him or she

  17. Francesca Attard says

    Ana, when are you coming to Europe to organise a convention? 🙂

  18. Erva Basaran says

    I'm from Germany and i'm a hobby-photographer.I love your work and you are my role model😍Can I ask something to you?

  19. DJ DOD says

    I love this video, Ana.

  20. Clara Martínez says

    I love your work, I'm a photographer, and I want to initiate in newborn photos, it would be great if you could make a seminar in Mexico

  21. Lacy Gastelum says

    I love love love your work. I think you do an amazing job but this time the baby looks a little washed out.

  22. Maira Ochoa says

    I have a backdrop question.  Is that seamless and what color grey is that please?  Love your work !!!

  23. Hope Gwen says

    Thank you very much for your videos, Ana!!!!!! !

    Gwen, http://www.photographe-nouveau-ne.com

  24. sergej d says

    Hello Ana Brandt I have a question, what Canon lens you in the newborn photography.
    Thank you

  25. Lily Jameson says

    Love your videos, Ana! You're so good with those babies, and you really do create very touching and magical memories.

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