Shooting the Canon EOS 1000F/Rebel S with Kodak Gold | Film Photography Fridays

7 20

In this week’s Film Photography Friday I review and chat about Jess’ experience shooting the Canon 1000F/1000FN/ Rebel S with Kodak Gold 200 film. The Canon 1000F is a very versatile 35mm autofocus film SLR that works with all the modern EOS lenses. If you’re lucky you can get these at a great price with a great lens that will work on your modern Canon DSLR.

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-The Awesome Full Frame 4k Camera I use ►
Awesome vlogging lens for Sony:

  1. Tom D says

    Love that classic Canon shape, fits into the hands perfectly. I have my EOS300 on the table beside me, my 50mm is a little bit larger though (The Sigma is 800 grams!) Ridiculous value for money in that combo Jess has

  2. Fabio Rubini says

    Which battery does the 1000f use?

  3. Vincent Perry Jr says

    Aaron it's cool to hear your back story .. meaning is a means to keep going. Great video.

  4. Lucy Grace says

    Hi Aaron

  5. The Don DeLuxe says

    Those 90's Canon SLR bodies are amazing value for money these days. I have several ones in various sizes myself. Really nice to be able to use all my EF glass on film bodies, and they're all equipped with great light meters and good auto focus.
    Also, I think the built in flash tech was better in the 90's than now days 🙂 The flash on my EOS 5 is just awesome.

  6. Keith Tan says

    The tones are amazing!!

  7. Manuel Guzman says

    Looove me some Kodak Gold. Also pleasantly surprised to see the new video same-day I subscribed. Cheers!

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