1. Mais Zaid says

    how can i download the video to my device ??????

  2. Osric44 says

    I thought this was only done on movies (example Harry Potter, The Hunger Games).  I didn't think this could actually be done…

  3. John Doe says

    You're going to scare me off the internet.

  4. basslove55 says

    StumbleUpon 🙂

  5. Roiez says

    She liked Butterflies before they were mainstream

  6. Slang Yung says

    Next up: the tentacles!!!

  7. 0bbypwn says

    Press 7 for the derpiest rape face in the world.

  8. TheBehattedOne says

    Welcome to the uncanny valley, I'll be your guide.

  9. darkspire91 says

    As awesome as that is, it was straight up creepy seeing move the first time I saw it! XD

  10. davros says

    @hollowedsoul Me too! Especially the music!

  11. davros says

    What is she saying? And what is up with the butterfly?!?!

  12. Virtual Media says

    @MAKESENCE7 That was modeled that was a photo with animation added to it, probably crazy talk.

  13. Phil Swensen says

    thats like harry potter pictures!

  14. iswy123 says

    amazing — you can imagine the possibilities…. all this came straight from a 2d photo.. *the one seen in the start….. imagine for example this tech on a mobile phone… and then have its lips animated with voice..(not lip synced that wouldnt happen for years)…but simple animated mouth movements — you could take a photo of your g.f have it on your phone, and when she called you could watch the single photo come to life, mouth animated whenever it detected noise…great..

  15. quitequite says

    this will haunt my nightmares

  16. Sanjaya Karalliyadda says

    wow cool man

  17. You Sunk My Fishy says

    @child4ever22 At first it's not. Look at the eyes.

  18. Darya Mylius says

    The gay music around the end made it so much better, lol

  19. Bill Payne says

    Hats off to the programmers of this, well done 🙂

  20. You Sunk My Fishy says

    You realize that the picture at the start is of a real person, yes? Her hair did not change.

  21. ArcanisLupus says

    my thoughts exactly, but i still want that program

  22. DumbTomato says

    Why, hello there, uncanny valley.
    How have you been?

  23. ParkingLotBedouin says

    so creepy

  24. zhigan20014 says


  25. Irwan Santoso says

    I like the background music, what's the title?

  26. Orteil says

    NES graphics looked stupid too… moron.

  27. TheHunterWolf says

    LOLS … not when all of this is just done with a single 2D photo of that person which is then animated directly in a matter of minutes .. better research what this technology is before criticizing it XD

  28. Tom Detko says

    Gotta get me some of dat kool-aid. Dude, your solution to the world's problems is to be an asswipe spammer? WTF

  29. NickJones55 says

    Damn it I just bought Poser 7! Am I going to have to upgrade AGAIN!??!?!!???!!

  30. D-NA says

    That's just scary.

  31. HopeToasty says

    Sheer awesomeness :O

  32. herbertj says

    uncanny valley has reached a new level.

  33. RemingtonSAXMAN says

    As a teenager seeing this can only make me wander as to the graphics we'll see on our kids consoles one day as we wander through the lounge, this on MGS or FF! What a future!!!!!!

  34. crazyshinigami says

    she looks scary O_O

  35. Ruel says

    her eyes is like a full of sh*t!

  36. christopherawesome says


  37. rmanowar says

    its cool but still very artificial in response!!

  38. kdwormy says

    looks damn good. The mouth needs work though.

  39. jennieisbetter says

    how the hell does this program work. yeah it would be totally awesome as id cards

  40. crbnated says

    it's more like the movie "Looker" check it out

  41. livardo says

    she looks high

  42. darkduskx says

    Sounds like we are pretty close to having the same technology as in the movie "Running Man". Pretty soon you won't even be able to trust video 🙁

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