WAJDA PHOTO – Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum, Abilene KS

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WAJDA PHOTO – Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum, Abilene KS

is their web site. My photos are still in the Rolleiflex and it’s on 11. Coming soon, but not yet.

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  1. Fabio Antonio Costa says

    why did you stop doing videos?

  2. Robert Matter says

    Nice find, Ken. Point of order: Ike (a distant cousin of mine, BTW!) was born in Denison, TX in 1890. His family moved to Abilene, KS in 1892. Abilene was Ike's boyhood home, but not his birthplace.

  3. Merlin Marquardt says

    Very nice. Thanks.

  4. david4god78 says

    I live in the Abilene area. I've not heard of this place. But it sounds like an interesting place to go. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. David Escott-New says

    Unusual photography museums I like include the Milestones museum in Hampshire which includes a recreated photo shop with a good display of cameras, the Fox Talbot museum at Lacock in Wiltshire with a stunning exhibition of early equipment and a gallery of modern prints .You can see the window which was the subject of his first photograph and make your own record of it. In Paris there is the Cartier Bresson museum which also does a great job of promoting young photographers. Abilene sounds interesting. All the best, David.

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