Steve's Photo Tips: Waterfall Photography Tips & How to Blur Water in Photos

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Today’s Steve’s Photo Tips Video is about blurring water without a tripod. Some times carrying a tripod on a hike is too much of a hassle. But what if you come across a gorgeous waterfall or rushing stream you’d like to photograph? How do you blur the water?

Steve explains in this video what setting your camera needs to be on. He also talks about multiple methods on how to steady the camera without a tripod. You need your camera as steady as possible to ensure that while the water blurs, the rest of the photograph is nice and crisp.

Another tip to keep the camera nice and steady is to set a 5-second timer. This way the camera is absolutely still when it takes the picture and is not still moving from you pressing the button. If you are holding the camera while taking the photo make sure to breathe in and hold your breath while taking the shot. This way your breathing won’t cause movement while the shutter is open.

Remember that zooming in will cause you to see more movement in the final photo and try different angles. Last but not least practice, practice, practice! Take lots of photos!

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  1. Ken & Cathy Main says

    I'll also lean against a tree or anything..
    Have you ever tried photo stacking in post? That way you can use a faster shutter and still get motion blur.

  2. David McConnell says

    :-)) :-))

  3. Adrian Alford Photography says

    Excellent video Steve, really enjoyed watching.  Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  4. William Kelly says

    Steve, where do you get those rubber bands like the green one you have around your camera lens?

  5. Robert Kimball says

    New to camera use. Love the tip. getting better each time , however I'm not near you capacity yet. Looking forward to future content like this as well. Want to utilize the technologies available to better my experience as well when we go full time. Thanks so much. Keep on Astreamin.

  6. Rick Longsworth says

    Steve picked the perfect setting with the railroad trestle and managed to somehow hold my attention without Courtney and the girls. 😊

  7. Gray Beard says

    I spent a small fortune buying and developing 35mm film and shot untold miles of that film in my two old slr’s. I haven’t bought another roll since I was given a digital camera. After the cost of some new equipment I can shoot all day and experiment with different settings and the only cost is my time, and I’m retired. I enjoy your photos. Thanks!

  8. Roy Davis says

    I will use rocks and such but don't try to hold the camera because I suffer from mild tremors. I pack a tripod so I can adjust the height and even angles. I bought a remote control for the shutter and I was shocked how much I've used it.

  9. KJRitch says

    Is that your 18-105 lens? Does the lens stabilize even to those lower shutter speeds? Did you do some post processing?

  10. New Hampshire Joe says

    Sorry not a blur fan…..I like the natural look but love all your photos

  11. Donna Earley says

    Great teaching Steve! I’m saving this video so that I can go back to it!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
    Until next time…

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