1. Ladislav Vladek says

    zkuste někdo srovnat ten obraz s předlohou… pán má dobrou jen techniku… je mi líto

  2. Nikita Ann says

    You ..are the real artist ..

  3. Mike Ches says

    I didnt learn AT ALL.

  4. swnsar daimary says

    best part was the ear….

  5. Tom Wooly says

    Good painting but the straight-on centralised composition isn't very good

  6. Lauren Bendik says

    How does ur mixed paint not dry up? It looks so thin

  7. jaykishan @ art says

    Best art of oil colour

  8. Kiran Singh says


  9. Henry Novak says

    Awesome..Your artwork is just amazing..

  10. Saw Yoon Sandy says

    Soooooooo lovely with so much skills..

  11. Dale Wilson says

    I remember in Art class back in HS our Art Teacher showed us how to paint a a brass unicorn using all sorts of colors.

  12. easy paint with Biswanath says

    You are great sir. I love your artwork

  13. Sagar M says

    Wich colour nd papr used….?

  14. stef M says

    I love

  15. edwin jr sahagun says

    i only do drawing real face but i try to paint after seeing this inspired

  16. saidah salehan says

    Is that acrylic or oil painting?

  17. Harmon Kidd says

    This isn't tutorial at all

  18. Avinandan Banerjee says

    I wish the video was more detailed

  19. Lenica Crawford says

    Didn't learn nttn, but this was really good to look at.

  20. MrBoguechitto2 says


  21. Lilly Prince says

    Step one: Paint very messily
    Step two: INDUCE MAGIC!

  22. Vinita prasad says

    Wow very nice love it

  23. whmozart says

    fantastic. You are really not holding back in experimenting with those skin tones. Amazing ow they came together in the end!

  24. nivieb9 says

    Thank you for this video, but since this was supposed to be for beginners, it would have been better if you had mentioned the names of colours that were used and should have spoken about basic techniques even if it would’ve become slightly longer.

  25. jess m says

    What is the stick used for?

  26. meee A says


  27. Kimberly Watkins says

    If you were going to start back painting, what colors are necessary to start off with for a portrait painting? I know Rembrandt has a dizzying array of colors to choose from.

  28. Good!!!!!!!

  29. Grace says


  30. Shirin Arfa says

    Very nice

  31. Hey IDrawStuff says

    Step 1)draw an outline
    Step 2)Add some small detail

  32. DangHuy Nguyen says

    do you draw the picture on the painting by hand or by tracing the picture?

  33. Katie Etan says


  34. Cathy T says

    I love the background music, it's calming and helps me settle in to watch the video. I tend to get antsy and want to zip through things.

  35. Ones Tayusra says


  36. janey2562 says

    The portrait seems already painted slightly before it is painted for demo.

  37. Cerezatt Juice says

    pero si eh mangel :00

  38. Eatthatturtle says

    This is more of a time lapse then a lesson

  39. Imam Khair says

    mantap gan

  40. LazyLazarus says

    How long does it usually take you to finish painting something like this? Aren't you worried about the paint drying up and having to re mix your colours?

  41. C.M. Koellner says

    this was the first painting video that was not boring to me

  42. Thanakom Yawongsar says

    Wow it's amazing thank you for video I will try to use that technic but I think i can not do it well same you. :-3

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