How Does a Camera Work?

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To understand the basic concept of photography one really needs to understand what a camera is. This lesson will show you the progression of the camera from a basic pinhole-camera into a modern digital camera.

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  1. Caula says


  2. Kristopher Hellenthal says

    rrrrr dumb hate it dosent help

  3. Sachin Gupta says

    Best video

  4. Look_around says

    It is interesting. And this video makes things easy to understand.

  5. Creative Animators says

    Nice drawing.

  6. rahma salama says

    im 11 and i understand

  7. Chacrica Pagadala says

    Humans are smart.

  8. N IB Mahrous says

    Hello sir
    Can you please tell me what is the program you are using in this video?

  9. Thnx you are a legend very interesting

  10. excellent explanation..

  11. Francisco Castillo says

    No weird intro, directly to the point. I loved it, subscribed.

  12. VYOM NAUT says

    Thank you I understood many new things.

  13. Guilherme Rodrigues says

    That was a great video!

  14. Bills Realm says

    I recommend this video if you’re tryna sleep

  15. Rushikesh Jambewar says


  16. Michael says

    For everyone wondering how video is made: in the past video was made by taking thousands of photos within seconds, then all the images would be places on a giant reel and they'd show you each picture REALLY fast and it would seem like the objects in the pictues were moving. Its kinda like when people make those drawings on flip books, where they take their thumbs and hold up all the pages in a book, then let each page drop off their thumb really fast so it looks like the images are moving, but really its just a whole bunch of single images that are slightly in a different place on each page. It's pretty much just tricking your eye, it happens so fast, your eye can't keep up and it looks like it's all running together

  17. Michael says

    It blows my mind that the light he is showing going into the lens, is light that is either being produced by trillions and trillion of atoms, but also reflecting light from other light sources. Basically everything is light, or a crystal that is reflecting light or both combined. That is some trippy shit.

  18. Pablo Valencia says

    Waste of a video

  19. Gavin Fisher says

    what software are you using

  20. wigginoutempress says

    I like the speed.

  21. TheGreatYEET SKEET says

    Simple answer: Illuminati

  22. gm and gn says

    Just watched this for a physics project. It was very helpful thanks

  23. Loic Even says

    thanks for the explanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Carlos Coelho says

    Great lesson, simple and concise.
    Thank you.

  25. Doodles says

    How does it work for video? I noticed you can't actually hear the shutter opening and closing when doing video, so, what is it doing?

  26. Raymond J. says

    Great video man. Appreciate it.

  27. Gus Miller says

    2018.. love this 🙌🏽

  28. Damian Montes Vargas says

    This guy kinda sounds like casually explained

  29. Sean Tilton says


  30. Nick Mirambeau says

    This was actually super helpful

  31. Ceazmatic says

    even at 1.25 speed the guy is slow lol

  32. J. Francisco Arroba says

    maybe i elaborated the wrong question… this video explains everything except how the camera captures an image.

  33. salwa aboelmagd says

    That was really helpful

  34. Beach Samurai says

    Where is aperture video?

  35. Beach Samurai says

    Just fucking beautiful video

  36. Ouch Man says

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  37. Lennick Decaires says

    Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey S1E4. Light brought me here at 3am to learn about photography. 😅

  38. Saurabh Keswani says

    Informative😊 thanx

  39. Blue._blood says

    3:13 softly breathes

  40. H2Raby says

    Great explanation, thanks for the video!

  41. vishal konde says


  42. HPcustomerservice Roblox says

    He sounds like the guy from khan academy

  43. Tomas Tamulis says

    BRAVO! Great video,on a gradient explains basics so you can understand

  44. prince Parsa says

    Very helpful

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