DIY Flip flap Mini Photo Album Tutorial | By Srushti Patil | Card Ideas

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This is a tutorial video of Flip Flap Mini Photo Album. A flip flap photo album is an album which contains many flaps and hidden pockets.
watch the video to learn how to make this card/photo album.

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  1. shiilu Shillu says

    In our locality I couldn't find cardstock papers en where bt I want to that explore box pls can u send me plss I will gave what was the cost.

  2. shiilu Shillu says

    You r superrrb mam

  3. Nidhi Mehta says

    You are just amazing mam…

  4. antima tiwar says

    Wt is Width of paper

  5. Neelima Acharya says

    pls tell the materials and the printed paper name and size ……plzzzzzz

  6. Kamlesh Kumar says

    Which kind of printed paper u used?

  7. blair Parker says


  8. KK Arts says

    please upload a video of paper designer…….

  9. Vibh 2000 says

    Its easy and awesome….🙌🙌🙌😘😘

  10. Ashok Lakhotia says

    Nice vedio

  11. Ankita Mukesh says

    will 28.5 cms of paper be enough ?

  12. Alicia C says

    What's the size of the papers?

  13. nerita nahas says

    super music

  14. Priti Dutta says


  15. aruna ramanathan says

    you are super

  16. aruna ramanathan says


  17. aruna ramanathan says

    srushti patil i am a big fan of you . one request can I see your photo I have never seen you

  18. Sai Arts says

    Can u pls send me the link for designer paper.

  19. Rossy Craft Tube says

    awesome workk

  20. Shivani Agrawal says

    Please mention the materials​ name and dimensions..

  21. Mohd Habib says


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