1. Mac Book says

    how to make the same app just with radio button ???please who know help me!!!

  2. FM A says

    Hi @Seemu Apps, I keep getting the following error message for the bottom paragraph of code, "UIViewContentMode' has no member 'scaleToFill'……… Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  3. ivan Ivanov says

    You need to add the "Privacy – Camera usage description" key to your app’s Info.plist and their usage information which is apply for your application

    Key : Privacy – Camera Usage Description
    Value : $(PRODUCT_NAME) camera use

  4. ggabriel_dev says

    man, you have my subscription ! thanks for your videos!.

  5. Francisco Ioneiton da Silva says

    Nice!! Great tutorial!!

  6. Emmanuel Ogbewe says

    Hi great tutorial! , I was wondering how can I have my app capture and image from a custom camera in my app and then on the view have the image split in to multiple segments and each section is a scroll view ? Please help

  7. krutomjer says

    Thanks for the video 🙂

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