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Behind the scenes look at one of our high school senior photoshoots in Louisiana! We photographed at the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation near New Orleans Louisiana.

Gear I use:

Film Camera:


On Camer Mic:

Boom Mic:

Camera we shoot our photos with:

Flash we use:

Flash transmitter

Canon flash softbox

Monopod I use for EVERYTHING:

Favorite Lens:

Go to lens:

Vlog Lens:

Back up to gimbal:

Oak Alley Plantation Website:

Our photography website:


  1. Claudia Johnson says

    New subscriber because of this video! I’m a photographer in Mississippi so it’s always good to see videos of places I’ve been to before! The quality of this vlog is amazing💞 it inspires me to go out and grab a vlog camera!

  2. Wandile Duma says

    Nice video, Thank you for sharing.

  3. becky boodoo says

    Wow great video you need more subs !!!

  4. Barry Parker says

    Great work! Such a beautiful place. Does oak alley charge a fee to use the grounds for a photoshoot?

  5. Callie Rice says

    Her dress is adorable. The cream/off white one. 😩 I wish I knew where it was from!

  6. Steve Byrum says

    You really go above and beyond. Much respect

  7. dan kuettel says

    Im just going to be very honest. Was this video about the photos and your work or about you two and traveling, hotels and eating? Left me confused.

  8. Celeste Gisel says

    What camera do you use ?

  9. Topher Villasana says

    The whole vlog but no triceps. Not even once? What is the direction of the vlog exactly?

  10. Jocund Company says

    Killed it man.

  11. GreySun says


  12. Alec Sanchez says

    Really awesome production value and content!! You guys deserve more followers for what you are providing. Tip: It would be awesome to see some final photos of your shoots!

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