1. Earl Rogers Jr says

    One of my favorite photographers, if not the favorite when I was growing up in the city of St. Louis and fell in love with black-and-white photography.Today I am 79 years old and mention of his name brings back memories of a young boy Turning pages of a photography magazine hoping to see some of his work.

  2. parisbreakfast says

    Why the camera isn't focused just on the slide show is extremely frustrating. Penn's images are lost here.

  3. Alejandro Ituarte says

    I have never had the opportunity to see a real exhibition of him in live. But I would never forget the time that at the IVAM (the Museum where I work) we had quite a few photographs from a private deposit and I was able to cry in front of those moments captured in time. Amazing as only his photographs can be. Forever love for Irving Penn!

  4. Karolína Kučerová says

    Wonderful video

  5. aes53 says

    This was a wonderful exhibition (and I've seen may Penn shows over the years). Penn was truly a master.

  6. Stephen Pribut says

    Thanks for the fine lectures on Penn. I'll be off to see the exhibit tomorrow. The last big exhibit I saw of Penn's was the 2002 one "Earthly Bodies" at the Metropolitan Museum.

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