How to Shoot Group or Team Photos

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Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted Lens we’ll be looking at how to shoot group or team photos. This is a valuable tool in your arsenal to bring in extra income. Take a look and let me know what you think. Be sure to sign up for my free business coaching call as well!

Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

-Jay P.

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  1. Lille Browning says

    Love all your videos – very informative, entertaining and lots of great information. I have a large group of people (around 100) I have to shoot at my office and they want it out on the grass in front of our building. The sun will come up and over the side of them and I'm afraid everyones faces will be blown out. I'm not sure what to do because they're set on this one location! (and no idea what we'll do if it rains!)
    What is a good lens length and F stop to use to make sure everyone will be in focus? I have NO idea how this will go because there will be many people deep….Can you help with any guidance?! I've never shot a group this large before!! And how far in should I focus? I heard 1/3 of the way in as a general rule. Thanks for any advice!!

  2. LIVEcREATIVE says

    Great! Please keep me guiding. Subscribed.

  3. Kyla De la Cruz says

    HI I HAVE A PROBLEM, I took a group picture of our family reunion, I'm on manual focus and I checked the screen its focused, but looking at the final pictures its a bit blurry WHAT THE HECK im honestly panicking because that was my only chance to get everyone together for the shot only to see that the picture isn't completely focused

  4. Alp Kamsiz says

    You are the only real ' photographer ' of photography business among all others.
    I wish you were in Europe.

  5. Mubashir Ahmad says

    The 07:50 part!!
    Good Guide!

  6. FamilyFun3132 says

    How did you bring all of those people into focus? We have a 5D Mark IV and will be taking team pics of our son's baseball team on Tuesday. Thanks for any help.

  7. Niki Lab says

    Love it. Thanks for the tips 🙂 I'm just trying to do the same thing in Spain 😉

  8. HonestArtts Ent. LLC says

    great video

  9. NIhar Ranjan Madhu says

    hello sir i am Nihar From India working for a school as a photographer and i would be taking group photo of 575 teachers can you please guide me by some tips on camera sitting and and which lens should I use Kindly help thank you

  10. Miguel Angel Flores Duarte says

    this is a great tutorial, congratulation , and I have a question for a group of more of 200 people
    what len and focal lenght would you use ? the same the 24 70 len or other,
    Thank you for your answer.

  11. Kevin Stallard says

    Hello Jay P, I wanted to know what was the distance of your lights to the team you were photographing….. Thank you

  12. Rob T. says

    Am going to a job interview tomorrow where I would take photos of youth in sports (stills).
    I came across your video and loved it… so many great tips and your humor made it fun to watch. Thanks a lot!

  13. xia jie says

    it happens to me when i get a group photos in wedding.. everyone is looking in different ways, someone is talking.. that is when i stop. i just look at them..

  14. Malik Imran says

    Thank you PhotoFlex

  15. Toridey Media says

    Your Mum does that with kids, it s disrespectful with adults 😜😜😜

  16. TheMichael408 says

    What focal length do you use?

  17. Billy Purta says

    Awesome! I have a group shoot with about 200 employees coming up, and I'm wondering how I should light that many people… This is at least a good start, but if you have any examples you've done that large I'd appreciate any resources!

  18. RAJAB ALI says

    Excellent mentor. Sir when I capture group at wedding in low light sometimes it happens images not come sharper how can I take sharp ,

  19. Tom Boyd says

    Now that's how you teach. Your teaching without even thinking about it. You know your craft, thank you Mr Morgan

  20. John Donaldson says

    Great video. I like your style.

  21. Mr Sync says

    euwww..look at his eyes,

  22. DundoMarinko says

    Great lesson Awesome teaching .Thank you from Chicago

  23. 57sapke says

    Great video! I saw you use 2 different lenses, when you use 15-30mm and when 24-70mm, depends on size group? Also what focal length you use to avoid distortion, especially with the 15-30mm.

  24. Gregory Coons says

    This is good information to get photos of group photography

  25. Hemantha Sharma DL says

    i have seen many videos before of people with 1 million or more subscribers but this video was phenomenal !!! thanks for the great video !!!!

  26. Jose Castro says

    I know this is a matter of taste, but apart from making a gig like this look like a high production value shoot, why would you want to shoot with strobes as opposed to just ambient light?

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