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Hi guys! I hope you’ve been enjoying my wedding series as much as I have enjoyed creating it! The big day is getting so close! 69 days from today..ahh!!! Let me know what other kinds of wedding videos you want to see before then! xoxo

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xoxo Becca

  1. Ashlee Joleen says

    Hi Becca! I just stumbled upon your video and I am so glad I did. My fiancé and I actually just got our engagement photos taken yesterday and it was an experience to say the least…I felt so awkward in half the shots because the photographer wanted us kissing and doing things that we just don’t actually do in public as a couple. I ended up feeling not so great afterwards because I feel like the pictures are going to show how awkward we both felt. Unfortunately we can’t afford to have another photo shoot done…so hopefully others learn from our mistakes!

  2. Anna Capozzoli says

    where is your white dress from in the second session? its beautiful!

  3. Tara LA Edwards says

    From a part-time wedding & portrait photographers standpoint I see why they wouldn't give you the Copyrights to the photos, they would still like to be able to use them for promotional purposes (you're photos are gorgeous! they'd be stupid not to) However I also couldn't agree more, in your contract make sure you have something stating that you get digital copies if you're paying a bunch of money for the shoot. It's extremely versatile, all you'll need to make sure you get from your photographer is a PRINT RELEASE FORM. This gives you the rights to print what you like, when you like, where you like (unless stated otherwise in your contract)  ON another note, Becca these videos are extremely helpful! I'm planning my Vow Renewal and since we didn't have the "BIG WEDDING" the first time around we're doing it up with our 10 year renewal. Thanks so much for your tips and tricks!

  4. beachtime 14 says

    Hey! These pictures are beautiful!! Where did you get your brown boots from? (last picture of shoot 1) 🙂 thanks!!!

  5. Miss Priya Pandita says

    This was helpful!

  6. Monica Weesner says

    What style and color skirt did you get?

  7. Kimberly Miller says

    The last pic is perfect

  8. Celynasaaur says

    So, random question. Where did you get your tutu skirt you wore in some pictures? I'm having such a hard time finding the perfect one! Thanks in advance. 🙂

  9. Ruby Keyvani says

    Wow your pictures came out so beautiful! I'm so glad you brought up the fact that your second photographer wouldn't give you the rights to your photos! I just emailed the photographer I'm about to book to ask about that! That would honestly be a deal breaker for me…I feel like if you are paying so much money for professional photos it's not cool for the photographer to slap a huge watermark on it. I think photography and video have been the hardest part for us because we are SO picky since those are the only things that really stay with you for life! Thanks so much for this video! I'm loving your series!

  10. Avery Cobb says

    Such beautiful photos! Great piece of advice about owning the rights to the pictures. That's pretty lame that they wouldn't give them to you! I would have been so upset. That seems like something they should verbally clarify before signing up.

  11. michelle espinoza says

    The last pic was my fav but they were all gorg!!

  12. Emily Elizabeth Parris says

    This kind of goes along with your "have fun and relax" tip- bring a portable radio or Bluetooth clip for the photographer. It really puts me in a more playful mood with fun music playing!

  13. Jaclyn Collins says

    Your eye makeup is gorgeous in this video!! Please share what you used – I'd love to recreate it!

  14. Lauren Natalia says

    Great tips Becca! Thanks for a really helpful video 🙂 your photos turned out so beautifully and it's really lovely how you now have two beautiful and very different sets of photos! Although that's a bummer about the rights to the second set! Maybe once you have the printed copies you could look into getting them professionally scanned so you could have digital copies of them? Not sure how that would work out but just an idea.
    We're having our engagement shoot in November and I've been trying to plan what to wear in terms of having outfits that will look good together and it's surprisingly harder than you'd think! Haha
    Thanks again 🙂 xx

  15. Ally Lindeen says

    Where do you do most of your shopping for regular clothes? 🙂

  16. Dimitra Weiss says

    These tips are perfect! I feel like they were some of the lessons I learned about blog shoots the hard way. There's nothing worse than spending the time and energy (and $ in the case of engagement shoots!) and not being 100% pleased with the photos. Especially when a lot of it are things you are in control of and could have changed! Your photos are GORGEOUS! Literally love every single one. I remember your originals you shared on Insta and was shocked when you said there were things you didn't love about them, but now seeing your second shoot I totally get it. You guys look so happy and natural and fun! Definitely worth it to have another shoot like you said, plus they're completely different settings!

  17. Sheila Fromer says

    I just love your engagement photos Becca…thanks for sharing them with us….and btw your hair is looking gorgeous!!

  18. Hannah Karl says

    I love all your videos! You always seem so smart and knowledgeable! I especially love your what I eat in a day videos :). Can't wait to see more soon!

  19. Freckle Finance says

    I definitely agree with all these tips. I didn't get engagement photos but they also apply for wedding photos. One thing too, is we liked almost all the sample photos that the photographer we picked had except this one lens we did not like, so we asked them not to use it too much. You can always have them avoid lenses you don't like. I'm glad your second shoot went better!

  20. Kendra B. says

    Awesome advice and awesome photos! ❤

  21. Sandra Pernas says


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