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Some really awesome announcements came at WWDC yesterday from Apple. Most interesting for photographers and video creators is the new Mac Pro’s and Apple Pro Display XDR. The new Mac Pro is a modular system that will let you build a machine to fit your own demands of specs and budget. For me though, the biggest announcement was iPad iOS – this is a dedicated version if iOS 13 that gives us not only some major UI enhancements but also a much improved Files App that gives you the ability to use external thumbdrives or SD cards.

Mac Pro Base Specs:
CPU: Intel Xeon configurable in 8/12/16/24/28 cores
GPU: Starts with 1 AMD Radeon Pro 580X and is expandable up to 4 AMD Radeon Pro Vega II GPU’s (no word on Nvidia)
RAM: 12 DIMM slots expandable up to 2900mHz for 1.5TB of memory
1400 watt Power Supply

Apple Pro Display XDR
32″, 6K HDR LCD display
1,000 Nits of brightness
Fan cooled
1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
Comes in glossy or nano etched matte

Music is from Epidemic Sound
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  1. TimberGeek says

    Can that XDR display connect to a non-mac? I'm roughly a year away from investing in a new mobile solution (laptop or tablet) so I'll keep it in mind. This sounds like good news for Affinity.

  2. Matteo Rizzo says

    Imagine tethering to Capture One on an iPad Pro.

  3. Kristoffer Lislegaard says

    Doesn't MB with a big B mean megaBYTES pr second?

  4. Jonathan William Fay says

    Mid 2022 Apple moved to China, do I need to say more…

  5. Jonathan William Fay says

    Ok, a hard one…
    I had a iPad mini and found it far to big for going out on projects and in the end I sold it and got a iPhone 6S+ that is the best size to use in my hands and not take up my camera case. The new iPads are to big and would not be the best for an artist photographer on the go. New is not always better. They had it right before mid 2012. Apple’s new designs are not for me… all my Apple technology is over 10 years old and is still a work horse, my friend got a Mac 4 year a go and it is now dead and unfixable…

  6. They Caged Non says

    See this is what i dont get, all the photography channels are waxing about this massively expensive piece of milled alloy, when the true useful new features announced are the fact you can now manage network folders on the ipad files app, and use the new sidecar app to dual screen with your mac, allowing the use of apple pencil for tools in Affinity and Photoshop etc. At least you are giving it some airtime.

  7. Paul C says

    Not going to work for Apple, guess all will switch to DaVincy Resolve, goodbye to Adobe.

  8. R4IN Xs says

    Honestly, as a life long windows user I still see no reason in changing to apple. It's nice to see that they finally made a nice tower so all you Apple user can finally have something that is realy good. And that screen looks awesome (honestly that's the only part where I feel sad for missing out, atleast there are some pretty good non apple alternatives.) The problem I have with all of this is that once you put in a little time and learn how to build your own PC (it's not as complicated as it first seems) you can still make a better PC for the same amount of money without having to learn a new OS. Apple is doing some great stuff but it still just isn't enough to get non Apple users to change to Apple and who knows how long it will take this time for a new update?

  9. Wirable89Gaming Channel says

    Thanks for enlightening us on improvement with the new IOS

  10. Adrian Yup says

    People can recreate this mac cheesegrater for a fraction of the price only thing your missing in the apple logo….. but totally worth it for that logo

  11. t Lim says

    Too expensive for me and total overkill too.

  12. Harry Neary says

    Dream Rig? This is ridiculously overpriced. You could get a similar spec PC and a new camera instead.

  13. S Baines says

    Good stuff Ted , shame about ipad pro transfer issues still !

  14. jacopo tassinari says

    just wondering about the monitor… what would be the big deal of a non adobe RGB/Pro-Photo screen?

  15. larsvontrier says

    Or, you know, just get a regular PC for about 20% of the price. Apple fans are so disgusting. It's not about Apple, the company. Sure I would sell my products for way too much money if there are dumb people who gladly buy them as well. It's about the dumb people that are like mindless followers and even legitimate their money wasting. Same for any brand out there, dumb people actually think "beats" headphones are better (they are not), "Adidas" sneakers are better (they are not) or whatever. It's only about the social status and to show "Look at me please, I have money, be jealous!1"

  16. Skunket says

    Wow… So we will be able to do what we have been doing with PCs for the last 20 years??


  17. Nick F says

    $6k motherboard should support 3400
    $6k only 256gb

    I'm glad I'm not old so I didnt get locked into Apple.

  18. Tom L says

    Will you ever bring back the monthly challenges? I thought they were really helpful and a wonderful way to practice photography

  19. M. de k. says

    It is a bit overkill for photo editing

  20. Nich Gregory says

    while i really, really appreciate the new mac pro and the final release after so many years, i’m disappointed the only modular computer Apple offers in so inaccessible. No reason the average Apple user shouldn’t be able to purchase at reasonable value, a customizable experience. As an Apple IT guy, I’m sad they went this way. oh well, that’s apple for ya

  21. Morgan says

    Can't wait to pay $1000 for dat monitor stand! AmIright?

  22. Peregrine Slim says

    So does the transfer speed issue mean that we really need to wait for an ipad with a new port or will they need a dual port ipad solution?

  23. Diego McCartney says

    I feel like this is another level of professional and doesn’t really cover the average freelancer living pay check to paycheck. I edit mainly landscape photography and edit 4K video only for YouTube but really don’t think I would need anything this powerful. Also still quite happy with my BenQ.

  24. Mark Kalez says

    5 minutes in and you are in focus. How do you upload non focus material?

  25. Jay Schtulmann says

    Sorry but the new Mac Pro is more of a Turd Pro! 999USD for just the monitor stand? no fucking way! These specs are overkill to edit your youtube videos, pictures. Most pros can do perfectly fine with todays PC's and laptops. In addition, it doesn't matter how fast is your beautiful rig if the software is not optimised to use all that raw power (Adobe we're talking to you). Potential customers for this turd = bored saudis. Let's see how many dongles you need to purchase from apple to perform basic functions on the Turd Pro.

  26. C O says

    can't wait to pick up the new mac pro 10 years later for 200$

  27. Happenstance says

    a cheese grater in the thumbnail

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