$10,000 Camera For Street Photography

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Today we are using the ten thousand dollar Hasselblad x1d 50MP Medium Format Mirrorless Camera for street photography.

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  1. Michael Finelli says

    Looks like a ghost town

  2. Mathew says

    It costs 10 000 but is worth 1/10th because of the poor quality. The GFX ist faster, the Shutter is faster, and it turns on quickly.

  3. Simonas Dailidė says


  4. legoman5010 says

    Coul you show us how you get that summer warm type photos? I am really into that.

  5. david neville says

    I like you contribute, but I will never understand why I keep seeing reviews for high end camera's, where it is taken to the streets and the photographer hopes to fish something.
    Set the lighting, Make a back drop; Take food photos, product shoot, portrait; landscapes, astro…whatever..and show what the camera can really do. To me it just seems reductive to get a piece of equipment like a hasselbald and take it out and hope. Have a situation where you know you are going to get an end image you like, that shows off the camera's abilities.

  6. Quinten Verniers says

    HOW DARE YOU NOT SHOOTING THAT FERRARI 488 AT 2:37 ???!! Reporting this! Just kidding. I’ve had too much sugar I believe.

  7. Eddie Haith says

    you can do everything that a high quality camera can do with low quality cameras. The only different thing is the megapixels

  8. TPAC FILMS says

    Car guys triggered

  9. Alvin Lipscomb says

    Landscape, Studio, and Planned location model Shoot ✅
    Sports, wildlife, Wedding, Street Photography, run in gun and anything that requires fast autofocus and a faster Shutter to catch the action that is unplanned ❌
    Now if your style of Street photography is to( camp out ) find the location and just wait and hope the interest to move into the frame ✅ A little Tip! Big cities with lots of people are ideal! New York comes to my mind.
    Lastly, because everything is rather slow A tripod is recommended but depends on the Photographer!

  10. Ornate Muse says

    man i wish more people made videos/photo vlogs using this camera or even just digital medium format vs film medium format

  11. John C says

    As a longtime Fuji user who just switched to a used LeicaQ…let me say it is the real deal. Try one.

  12. paul greenwood says

    Buckhead Atlanta? Where are the people? The place looks deserted.!!

  13. made4christiaan says

    Not many people out on the streets, how many people are even living in Atlanta ? From these vlogs i dont think any more than a couple thousand… lol

  14. dimonich says

    Hi, try fuji gfx 50r! And yeah, I love your videos)

  15. 86T says

    So not worth 10k+ ..

  16. Kammm says

    Miss the vlog style. But gotta say this is more informative and educative. Learned a lot from this episode

  17. Stuart Hendricks says

    Can't get enough of those colours and detail, that medium format goodness is something else.

  18. ItsRayza says

    ferrari 488 @ 2:37 👀

  19. Mario Rodriguez says

    That's a sexy ass camera, im all about simplicity

  20. Aidan Samuels says

    Actually really liked the Porsche photo at 4:40

  21. MARKmarkTV says

    Your so Good Man…Thank for being Here in Youtube…
    I will start making Videos…check me out i dont have camera but i Have i will start and keep learning

  22. WaveGently says

    Hi Evan. How about to try shooting film?

  23. peetje28021970 says

    This proves a great camera doesn't take great pictures

  24. TonyClark says

    6:13 what's that in the air? tell me it's not a dust spot 😮

  25. Brendan Wolff says

    successful trip to the streets or not, I absolutely love watching these one hour episodes man. I would choose this series over any netflix show out there. thanks a million for consistently putting this type of stuff out dude. Been a fan since day one and not going anywhere soon.

  26. burak uestuen says

    It’s so easy to blame the camera, many of the best street photos were made with a Leica m , no AF. Ever heard of pre-focus? But that’s all too difficult for guys like you.

  27. I'm not sure Why says

    Hasselblad is nice and all, but it's ugly and expensive. I'd rather get the Fuji GFX 50r. The Fuji looks physically sexy, half the price, and it's medium format too.

  28. jim duffin says

    first time I have ever disliked a vlog…

  29. TheCompleteGuitarist says

    It's funny coming across this today. I'm not really a street photographer but I've found a subject that interests me and I had four hours to kill waiting for my son so I took my camera. Seeing this made me feel a bit better. I got lots to learn but as usual hearing you talk through your shots was interesting. Mine was a day of hot minutes waiting for something to happen 🙂

  30. What Day Is It says

    My man Evan, Love the channel, as encouragement I liked the images you took and shared, don't be so hyper critical of your work, its better than you give yourself credit for!

  31. Noah Goldowitz says

    My guy knows how to make a video pop

  32. withaminutetogo says

    Thanks for being so unapologetically honest Evan. This review was a good service to your community.

  33. Hardene3f7 says

    A very awesomely expensive camera that can deliver but I think it's not for the streets. Cool photos Evan!

  34. Michael Pop says

    Great video, I’m just getting into street photography and I’m learning a lot from you. Maybe we’ll run into each other one of these days lol. Love Atlanta!!

  35. Pedro Alber says

    the clear example that is more important the photographer than the camera, u were not very inspired that day

    anyway I think with just an xt20 or an a7 u would shooted better photos because u are not worried about a 10.000 bucks camera, this range of cameras are for a very specific type of photographers in my opinion

  36. daniel dytrych says

    Tbh, if you used the viewfinder that would help to getting better shots. You ain't no photographer dude, your just a guy with an expensive tool. To many people like you around.

  37. Moheb Anwari says

    Do you ship your shirts to germany?

  38. corbin hamilton says


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